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SAFe Practice Tips: CI/CD Part 3 - Continuous Deployment

02-May-2018 13:50:51 SAFe How-To Agile IT CI/CD


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SAFe Practice Tips: CI/CD Part 2 - Continuous Delivery

25-Apr-2018 14:39:01 SAFe How-To Agile IT CI/CD


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SAFe Practice Tips: CI/CD Part 1- Continuous integration

17-Apr-2018 12:19:37 SAFe How-To Agile IT CI/CD



*This post is part of the series ‘SAFe Practice Tips’, which aims to offer helpful advice to anyone using SAFe.


This is the first part to the CI/CD blog series where I discuss continuous integration, delivery & deployment, and the differences between them but also how they relate to one another. This blog will help with enabling a smooth continuous journey for your team. The first practice we discuss is Continuous integration.


Where do I start?


First of all, CI/CD is not one thing.  When people start using the term "CI/CD" they are merging different things together, and while they are related (you can't have CD without CI) they are quite different in scope.  The CD acronym further complicates things by being ambiguous (see below).

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Is Your Code on the Naughty List? Ask Yourself Why.

Christmas is coming and Father Christmas is making those last minutes checks to see if you've been naughty or nice!  But what about your code?  Would it make it onto the nice list or has it been naughty this year?

The Santa Claus of Development is on the lookout for code with technical debt; lots and lots of technical debt. But how did we get here? We can all identify technical debt and know that the chance of paying it back are slim, yet we carry on doing it.  No presents for this code :(

Technical debt is "a concept in programming that reflects the extra development work that arises when code that is easy to implement in the short run is used instead of applying the best overall solution." (Wikipedia)

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