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10 Questions with Dean Leffingwell, Creator of SAFe - Part IV

Darren Wilmshurst and Radtac had the great chance to run a Q&A session with Dean Leffingwell, creator of the Scaled Agile Framework. Dean’s answers on SAFe updates, implementation advice, challenges, and more are captured in a series of blog posts and short videos.

In the first video of the series, Deans answers questions on the future of the Scaled Agile Framework, and in the second episode Dean talks about the major impediments to implementing SAFe and the Leadership Challenge. In the third episode Darren and Dean talk about projects, project managers, Scrum and Kanban in SAFe environments.

This is the fourth and final part of the series - view the first part here, the second part here, and the third part here.


In this fourth and final episode of our ‘10 Questions with Dean Leffingwell’ series, I’m talking to Dean about the appropriateness of using Agile and SAFe for legacy developments, compared to green field developments.

Next, we discuss how we tackle suppliers who are still working in a traditional way, as well as the challenges that poses, and how to overcome them. Suppliers are an integral component of the ‘system’, and if you try and isolate that specific supplier, then the system won’t be optimised.

Dean also reminds us about the guidance article on Agile Contracts.

Finally, Dean gives us a key piece of advice for an enterprise adopting SAFe. Find out what it is at the end of the video. Can you guess what that piece of advice is? Hint: Leadership.

Watch the fourth episode of our questions with Dean here:


Darren Wilmshurst

Darren Wilmshurst

With his strategic C-suite-oriented approach to IT leadership – and his infectious energy – Darren has successfully delivered multi-million pound business transformations for e-commerce sites, ERP implementations, outsourcing and offshoring, including multiple Agile transformations. Read more