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The Times They Are a Changing

When the starts recommending agile approaches you know it’s time to sit up and take notice.

Recently Lisa Pollock, Head of New Projects, at the Financial Times wrote about what happens when serious competition comes from small well organised agile businesses. How do organisations raise their performance to surpass their competitors?

Reprint of article 'How Project Management turned into a Scrum'

The answer lies in adopting a new way of working that eliminates that threat by making the large organisation more flexible, delivering products and services faster, and responding to change quicker. All of this can be achieved with agile - exactly why we see lots of organisations adopting agile, many of them choosing Scrum as their preferred agile methodology.

The article flags the success rate for agile projects compared to traditional "Waterfall" approaches. The piece goes on to identify inefficiencies such as the "stack of futility" and the cultural shift required to truly gain competitive advantage with a deep seated adoption of agile.

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Peter Richardson

Peter Richardson

Peter has over 20 year marketing experience from the professional services, publishing and events sectors where he has developed clear marketing strategies into successful tactical plans. Read more