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Agile Talent with Agile Experts

Agile experts are often hard to find and expensive to recruit.

Often that's just the begining. Who can genuinely interview Agile practitioners and assess their skills and experience? Once on board your new ScrumMaster might cause waves in the organisation as the current processes and behaviours are challenged and this can cause friction at a team or business level. 

Agile Transformation and Staff

Scrum is a lightweight framework for complex product development. There are only 3 Roles, 3 Artefacts, and 5 Events that build an Agile working process. When operated effectively Scrum can deliver rapid improvements.

The ideal teams need 'T' shaped people - broad skills matched with specialist knowledge - that are in short supply. This can make setting up Agile teams expensive and challenging for organisations seeking to transform their businesses with Agile techniques.

Many organisations, especially the ones that are larger and more established, appreciate control and are risk averse. Implementing an Agile method like Scrum requires a culture that supports the Agile mindset, and allows the teams to collaborate, take ownership of their work and learn how to work together and improve.

Building Excellent Agile Teams 

In our experience the challenges are in rapidly developing Agile teams with the freedom and motivation to transform delivery. Businesses, as they begin on the Agile transformation journey, need to train their existing teams and embed full time or interim experts to swiftly build team and management confidence.   

There are many challenges faced by organisations engaging both permanent and interim experts. A resourcing strategy must focus on:

  • Producing customer value quicker than your competition
  • Saving costs whilst improving customer experience
  • Increasing team productivity and motivation
  • Embedding new ways of working at team level
  • Accessing in-demand skill sets in a competitive market
  • Retaining the best staff and building the talented teams for your future needs
  • Recruiting technical experts.

These tough challenges require a new approach and a new way of working.

Radtac Agile talent solutions are able to meet your challenges. We have experience of transforming Agile capabilities with Radtac Cetified Practitioners with the following Agile roles:

Our Radtac Certified Practitioners deliver across all the following job groupings:

  • Developemnt
  • Test 
  • Analysis
  • PMO/ Pr
  • DevOps

Radtac, as the UK's leading Agile training company, has trained and developed more Agile practitioners than anyone else in the UK. Our depth of knowledge and database of Radtac Certified Practitioners gives us the opportunity of vetting the best Agile people in the business. This then leaves the interview process to deal with the human elements rather than assessing skills and competency.


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