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Don't Panic! High quality learning with our Agile Virtual Training

For many years Radtac has been delivering Agile Virtual Training as well as our Classroom, Video and eLearning training services. Whether online or offline we always provide the best learning experience.  Given the current global condition Don't Panic - we know that most of our customers are currently facing travel bans and isolation which means that our Agile Virtual Training is the best solution available.  

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At Radtac we have been delivering Agile Virtual Training for some time, and our experience has taught us a few key points.


We have always ensured our classroom training is taught in short modules and includes interactive and experiential learning activities. Well you will be pleased to know our virtual training solutions follow the same pattern.  Actually in Virtual Training it is even more important to make sure training modules are not too long, we need to avoid ‘butt fatigue’ from sitting still too long.  


Keeping experiential engagement in virtual training is more difficult.  Thankfully modern technological solutions allow us to create breakout groups so activities and exercises can be undertaken in small groups.


Our experience is that class size is also a factor to consider, it is too easy (and maybe greedy) to think a virtual course can have 100’s of attendees.  However to still retain the quality of learning and engagement we limit our virtual class sizes to the same as a face to face classroom.


Finally it is important to make sure that the learning is run at a sustainable pace.  To do this we typically spread the content of a two day classroom course over a four day period.  Each day will not be a full day, and would have two or three 90 minute modules scheduled.


In summary our Agile Virtual Training courses are

  • Modularised - split into 90 minute modules
  • Experiential - use technology to make them interactive
  • Engaging - limited class sizes
  • Sustainable - spread over a number of days
  • High Quality - maintain our high quality experience

Details of our Agile Virtual Training course and modules can be found here


We also have self paced e-learning courses here


If you have any questions about our Agile Virtual Training please fill in the contact form below or email


Alex Gray

Alex Gray

Alex is a professional, versatile and enthusiastic Lean & Agile Trainer/Coach with 20 year’s experience in varied IT projects and roles. A member of the BCS Agile Expert Panel, and an author of the BCS Foundation in Agile Practices syllabus, examination and course materials. Read more