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Chris Berridge

Principal Consultant. Chris is passionate about inspiring and leading IT development teams to do what it takes to maximise value delivered, speed up learning and delivery cycles and build quality in. He is particularly interested in facilitating the alignment of multiple teams to sustainably deliver value together.
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Ready For Agile? A Test For Your Organisation

29-Oct-2014 13:30:00 Agile delivery Agile

I heard a tale of an Agile coach who had a rule as follows:

If an organisation is using Internet Explorer version 6 then they are uncoachable (latest is version 11).

This was based on his experience – he had never got anywhere with a company who was so far behind the curve. Adoption of Internet Explorer is an indicator of something about the organization that is directly related to their hunger to absorb new ideas about work (i.e. the agile revolution).

Adoption of new ideas is characterised by the technology adoption lifecycle shown below:

Image source: Wikipedia

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How to Deal With "I Want it Earlier"

23-Jul-2014 16:30:00 Culture Speed to market

Do you recognise this dialog?

Senior Executive (SE): “In this plan you’re showing me, you say it will be ready by December?”

Project Manager (PM): “Well that’s the best estimate we have now based on what we know.”

SE: “I want it by end of June.”

PM: “Er, OK. Er but the team don’t believe it can be done.”

SE: “Take your black hat off. It’s your job to make it happen.”

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