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Gustav Bjorkeroth

“What I enjoy about life at Radtac is working with some of the most motivated and innovative people in the industry today” Gus is first and foremost a Dad to 3 young kids, a lover of early German (and slightly niche) electronic music and a big armchair sports fan. When he is not droning on about Leicester City Football Club, the England Cricket Team or starting an office fight over politics, he is occasionally found doing a bit of work! Gus is responsible at Radtac for the development and management of our Radtac Certified Associate offering and for the delivery of strategic business initiatives. He splits his time between our London and Leeds offices. Gus brings to Radtac a wealth of experience in sales, talent management and project delivery. Before joining Radtac, Gus worked for a number of entrepreneurial services companies, and founded and built a recruitment business. Gus is a CSM, CSPO and Scaled Agilist.
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Darren Wilmshurst of Radtac Ltd Inducted into the SAFe® Fellow Program

01-May-2020 09:30:29 SAFe courses SAFe 5.0

The SAFe Fellow achievement represents the highest level of mastery and leadership in the practice and principles of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®)


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We're expanding into Finland!

Great news is worth sharing quick, which is why we’re very excited to tell you what we’ve been working on lately: we’re opening a new Radtac location in Finland! The Finland hub is joining our global network, enabling us to further support our Nordics and European customers. Please join us in saying Hei Suomi! [Hi Finland!]

At Radtac, everything we do revolves around our passion to help organisations become more responsive, and we do this through enabling them to adopt, embed and evolve Agile ways of working.

Over the years, we have worked with you, our customers, to support you on your Agile journeys. We’ve been all over the world with you - from Silicon Valley, to New York, Zürich, Berlin, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Kigali, Dubai, Delhi, Beijing, Singapore - you name it. And while we love travelling, having local hubs close to our customers enables us to support you even better. This is why we’re so excited about the latest Radtac hub in Finland.

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Agile Sports: What Can We All Learn From Leicester City?

20-May-2016 11:00:00 Agile sports Agile outside IT

Okay, here’s the admission up front. I am a Leicester City fan and I could not miss the (once in a lifetime) opportunity to write a blog that references my football team on the back of their biggest ever achievement!

In fact, let’s be clear. What Leicester City have done is possibly the biggest sporting achievement, in any sport, solo or team, EVER. If you don’t believe me, just wait for the Hollywood movie, because I guarantee it is coming.

For those of you not interested in football, I appreciate that your eyes could be already rolling into the back of your head. But whether or not you are a football fan, a partial observer or someone who thinks kicking a pig’s bladder ‘round a field is utterly pointless, there are lessons to be learnt from Leicester’s achievement.

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The Apprentice Is Back On BBC1, And In Desperate Need Of Some Agility

This month has seen the return of the Apprentice on BBC1, with both the good and the bad that it represents.

Now, let’s start by being fair. Each of the contestants already has their own business and is willing to put themselves up to national ridicule in order to further their ambitions, so fair play to them for that.
And, the Apprentice is a television format that has lasted many years and still pulls in high numbers of viewers, so those who created and make it deserve maximum credit for producing such entertaining television.

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God’s Own County – Yorkshire And The Agile Mindset

11-Sep-2015 18:00:00 Agile mindset Agile


I live near to Headingley Stadium in Leeds. It’s an arty, culturally diverse suburb which also happens to be the home of Yorkshire Cricket and the Leeds Rhinos Rugby league club. I’ve lived here for the last 15 years and have raised my three kids in the shadows of the floodlights and within earshot of the trumpeters, who can oft be heard heralding the arrival of the King of Yorkshire, Geoffrey Boycott, when he takes his seat on the Yorkshire throne room in Headingley pavilion.

However, I was born and raised in the Midlands, which, if you clumsily had to pin it as an UK geography of its own right to a ‘Northern’ or a ‘Southern’ mast, would probably fall into the category of the former. I think that is why I settled in Yorkshire so easily.

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Multi-agency recruitment vs. agency exclusivity: what will you choose?

10-Jun-2015 17:00:00 HR Recruitment Agile Talent

Why multi-agency recruitment limits success when hiring Agile people

Agile is not a skill. Rather it is a way of being, thinking and behaving, of bringing about change. For an agency to identify the right Agile candidate, selection cannot be based on their skills or job titles. It has to be about the individual, their experience, the essence of who they are and how they can help a client organisation on their improvement journey.

Yet the majority of the recruitment for Agile people in the UK market is still dominated by recruitment agencies focussing on CV-based and skills-based selection criteria, i.e. just matching a job spec to the obvious, visible and easily identifiable skills on a résumé.

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