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Jack Skinner

Jack Skinner is a student who has done his work experience with Radtac.

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A Student’s Take on Agile

28-Aug-2015 13:30:00 Change management Agile

Hi, my name is Jack and I am currently in my first year of a business and management single honours course. As a student I was curious about business practice in the real world, thus I took an opportunity to gain work experience at Radtac, which is an agile company.

I had never heard of agile before so the concept was new to me, I thought it would only be useful in the IT sector but actually its application is far wider than I originally thought. You may think “How wide of a range can it be?” Well, you’d actually be surprised to hear that it was applicable to a student at university. To illustrate to you how it can be applied I shall share a story with you about an experience in my first year at university.

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