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Ryan Watson

Ryan is a young, keen and motivated individual currently working with Radtac towards achieving his NVQ Business Administration Level II. Since working for Radtac, Ryan has developed various new skills, and has adapted well to the Agile mindset of the company. Having never heard of Agile before, Ryan has quickly grasped the knowledge and understanding of Agile, how it works and how it can be implemented. He recently sat the BCS Foundations Certificate in Agile course and passed the exam with flying colours. This was a big achievement for Ryan and gave him even more enthusiasm and determination to learn more about the Agile world. Ryan is excited for what the future holds with him at Radtac.

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Introducing Agile to Young People Starting Work

08-Feb-2017 12:05:04 BCS Agile foundations

Why I Believe Agile Should Be Introduced to All Young People Starting Work

Just as a disclaimer, this is my first blog and it will also be a blog about a subject that I am by no means an expert in.  So, this could very well be a very subjective opinion.

About Me  

Since I am trying to get across a message that anyone can be Agile, I feel as though it is important to give you a bit of information about me.

I started working for Radtac as a not-so-fresh-faced apprentice about nine months ago. I was relatively new to the working world, so I kind of expected to be a little bit confused at every twist and turn. The only problem was that everyone at Radtac seemed to speak an entirely different language. I cannot tell you the amount of times someone has been talking, and I was just sitting there nodding, thinking  “I have no clue what this person is saying, at all.”

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