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Business Agility Conference 2018

On the 14th of March 2018 Peter Measey, Laura Powers and Stuart Young all attended the Business Agility Conference held in New York. - They are all key contributors to the Radtac Business Transformation practice.















Stuart who captured all of the talks in pictures described the event by stating:

“It was an immersive experience combining a wealth of insights from executives, through leaders and practitioners leading in world of business agility alongside the opportunity to attend deep dive facilitated sessions for continued discussions and learning. A truly contemporary twist on the standard conference. With 16 talks to capture in pictures over the 2 days I made my mark".

Peter and Stuart have collaborated together to create a short vlog which includes their insights and experiences of the conference as a short animation.

Check out the Vlog here !

If you have any questions about Agile Business transformation , or our training services just give us a shout and we’ll be happy to help you, or if you want to get more on Business Transformation why not get one of our white papers here 

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Toni Adeoye

Toni Adeoye

Toni is a motivated and passionate individual with a keen interest in Marketing and Business. She is looking forward to having a great career in this industry. Toni is looking to broaden her horizons and develop her skills in this fast-paced environment. Toni’s driven attitude fits well with her role as a Marketing and PR Assistant here at Radtac. While working at a company like ours, she knows she will gain a vast amount of knowledge and experience in marketing, Agile and much more. She also looks forward to complete more courses after passing her BCS Agile exam. She is working towards earning her Level 3 Digital Marketing qualification. The company will definitely prepare her to enter the fast-paced and evolving industry of Agile. As well as enjoying her experience working at Radtac, Toni is a bubbly girl from London who loves to go out as much as she can, and enjoy herself - but she is all about the balance. Read more