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Digital Transformation on Sky TV

08-Jul-2016 22:39:47 Agile transformation Digital transformation
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Radtac worked in partnership with Executive TV and Collaborative Media  (@collabmedia1) for the programme 'Workplace Innovation' broadcast on @SkyUK  'Propeller' channel 189 at 10:30 on Sunday 10th July 2016.



The programme looks at improvements offered by Agile transformation, cloud computing, and Big Data to create a culture of innovation in a wide variety of environments.

New 'IT Solutions' series deals with Agile Transformation

Part of the new 'IT Solutions' series - a series of investigative documentaries focused on state-of-the-art technology in British industry. Enterprise IT is one of the most vibrant and fast moving in the economy and this series takes a unique look behind the scenes and exposes the opportunities it offers.

'Workplace Innovation'

'Workplace Innovation' brings experts together from some of the UK's leading technological innovators including Radtac for our digital transformation expertise, cutting edge software developersIntersystems and research and development experts Leyton.

The programme explores how these technologies and techniques can deliver rapid change in the way business is done. The programme shows how data analysis in real time can help businesses become more flexible and also deliver efficiencies and reveal opportunities for competitive advantage and improved service delivery.

Radtac's Agile Award  winning Agile transformation work with Bristol City Council is discussed in the programme with the views of Max Wilde, Strategic Director of Business Change; Gavin Beckett,  Chief Digital Officer;  and Tara  Dillon,  Portfolios, Programmes, Projects & Business Change;Portfolios, Programmes, Projects & Business Change. Radtac would like to thank everyone involved at Bristol City Council for their help and support.

For more information on the work Radtac did with Bristol City Council visit our Public Sector - Bristol City Council video  

Executive TV are a leading provider of business to business documentaries . Click here for more information on Executive TV

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