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We're expanding into Finland!

photo of person writing on sticky notesGreat news is worth sharing quick, which is why we’re very excited to tell you what we’ve been working on lately: we’re opening a new Radtac location in Finland! The Finland hub is joining our global network, enabling us to further support our Nordics and European customers. Please join us in saying Hei Suomi! [Hi Finland!]

At Radtac, everything we do revolves around our passion to help organisations become more responsive, and we do this through enabling them to adopt, embed and evolve Agile ways of working.

Over the years, we have worked with you, our customers, to support you on your Agile journeys. We’ve been all over the world with you - from Silicon Valley, to New York, Zürich, Berlin, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Kigali, Dubai, Delhi, Beijing, Singapore - you name it. And while we love travelling, having local hubs close to our customers enables us to support you even better. This is why we’re so excited about the latest Radtac hub in Finland.

Our Finland team, headed up by Virpi Rowe as CEO and Rolf Läderach as Director and Lean Agile Consultant and Trainer, brings years of experience and knowledge gained in the local and global market, which we can’t wait to share with our customers. Most importantly, our team in Finland embodies the same passion, drive, values and hunger to help you succeed as the rest of the Radtac family.  

Meet our Finland headliners

We are incredibly lucky to have Virpi and Rolf headlining our Finland team. Both of them bring a huge amount of knowledge and practical experience over many years of enabling businesses to succeed in their Agile transformation. Virpi and Rolf have worked with organisations of all shapes and sizes, including private and public, and they are well-versed members of the Lean Agile community.

Virpi Rowe, CEO Radtac FinlandVirpi’s strengths include decades of practical knowledge of scaling Agile, including Agile portfolio management and business agility in talent management, procurement, legal, marketing, sales, finance. She is one of just over ten SAFe® Program Consultants Trainers (SPCTs) in Europe with a close connection to Scaled Agile Inc., continuously feeding experiences back to the framework creators, and learning about the latest changes/improvements to the framework. Virpi also holds Certified ScrumMaster® and Certified Scrum Product Owner® accreditations, and she is a member of the Lean Association of Finland since 2013, as well as a regular speaker at Nordic conferences.


Rolf has over 20 years experience in the IT and Telecommunications industry supporting people to adopt key values of the Lean Agile movement - respect for people and culture, servant leadership, team empowerment and decentralised decision making. He is a firm believer that enabling leaders to guide and coach their teams ‘just enough’ will enable these to thrive and utilise their full potential. And this is the only way organisations can stay adaptable and competitive in fast changing markets - by empowering their people to succeed.



Supporting your organisation on its Agile journey

When you work with a global consulting group, you want to be sure that you get a consistently great experience everywhere - and this is something we pride ourselves in. No matter where you choose to work with us, you’ll benefit from the same depth and breadth of expertise, services and team knowledge. We aim to go above and beyond for our customers, offering you the best partnership possible along with demonstrable results and a lasting impact.

Our Finland-based team provides all three core Radtac services - Coaching and Consulting, Teams and Practitioners, Learning and Development. They provide these services as part of our four specialist practice areas, aligned to each stage of your Agile journey: Innovation, Lean Agile, Scaling Agile and Business Agility.

Through our team in Finland, our Nordics and European customers can take full advantage of the expertise and knowledge of the wider global Radtac team, combined with a local delivery engine that understands the differing needs, market dynamics and regulatory environments. The team is committed to supporting Agile transformation through our portfolio of services including consulting, coaching, teams and practitioners. They also offer a wide portfolio of Agile training through public courses and on-site training.

Radtac Finland team

Contributing to the local Agile ecosystem


We firmly believe that Agile is about collaboration and succeeding together. As part of the Radtac family, our Finnish cousins are dedicated to supporting the local Agile community by participating and speaking at conferences. Virpi and Rolf look forward to meeting you at ScanAgile and PMI Chapter of Finland. Look out for our meet-ups too!

Our team’s commitment also includes inviting globally recognised speakers and trainers to help you learn from their practical experience, gain best-practice knowledge and see what good looks like.


Be part of the Radtac community

We would love to connect with you through one of our local hubs and welcome you into the Radtac community. The purpose of our community is to create a place for collaborative learning and knowledge sharing, where you can access the right tools to empower you to succeed on your Agile journey.

Reach out to us today to become part of our global community. 


Connect with our Finland team


Gustav Bjorkeroth

Gustav Bjorkeroth

“What I enjoy about life at Radtac is working with some of the most motivated and innovative people in the industry today” Gus is first and foremost a Dad to 3 young kids, a lover of early German (and slightly niche) electronic music and a big armchair sports fan. When he is not droning on about Leicester City Football Club, the England Cricket Team or starting an office fight over politics, he is occasionally found doing a bit of work! Gus is responsible at Radtac for the development and management of our Radtac Certified Associate offering and for the delivery of strategic business initiatives. He splits his time between our London and Leeds offices. Gus brings to Radtac a wealth of experience in sales, talent management and project delivery. Before joining Radtac, Gus worked for a number of entrepreneurial services companies, and founded and built a recruitment business. Gus is a CSM, CSPO and Scaled Agilist. Read more