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Bringing eXperience Agile 2018 to you

21-May-2018 14:21:32 SAFe Events eXperience Agile
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XA logoCome along to Portugal to attend one of the best events in the Agile Space .


We are excited to announce that Radtac are co-organising the eXperience Agile 2018 Conference with IDC, eXperience Agile will be held in Lisbon, Portugal on the 1st and 2nd of October, aiming to bring leaders from around the world to share industry best practices and strategies that can be applied across a variety of industries.


The history of eXperience Agile

Previously, eXperience Agile was known as Scrumday Portugal, where chairman Hugo Lourenco was bringing top Agile leaders to share their ideas on innovating Agile and increasing awareness of Agile practices in Portugal. However, after 3 years of successful events, the team decided that the event deserves to become a global one. At the same time, the organisers decided to extend the focus from just Scrum to other Agile practices.


The team recognised that, as Business Agility started to grow, they needed to push the boundaries beyond the traditional uses of Agile, and pioneer into new areas of applying Agile.


“eXperience Agile” means more than just changing the name of the event. Whilst the conference continues to bring the latest cutting-edge practices, it will now provide an even greater quality in content and presentations, innovate concepts, and enable spreading of the ideas to reach Agilists around the world.

Your benefits in attending eXperience Agile

We believe that eXperience Agile is not just another Agile conference. This event will be making Agile history! There are numerous benefits for you in attending the event, such as:

  • Having the opportunity to hear the latest news in Agile from other practitioners and experts
  • Being able to network with other Agile thinkers and attendees to gain insight and learn best practices
  • Attending presentations and workshops
  • Listening to and engaging with Agile experts
  • Building lasting business relationships and friendships

You can be sure that you’ll feel energised after the event and excited to apply new learnings back  in your organisation. Why not be the change agent in your organisation?

Who will be there?

 The team at eXperience Agile has already secured some of the best people in the business to speak at and attend this event.


Our amazing speakers have prepared exciting sessions for you, along with running several workshops that you can choose to attend. Some of the names you can expect to hear from are Chet Hendrickson, Author of “Extreme Programming Installed”, Agile coach Lyssa Adkins and many others such as Brian Rivera, Michael Sahota ,Dave Snowden, Nigel Thurlow and Steve Denning

 Hugo Lourenco Scrum Day Portugal



We reckon eXperience Agile will fill up your schedule nicely, but since you’re in sunny & beautiful Lisbon, you might want to also check out some of  the amazing things you can do in the city. Think fabulous restaurants, lively bars, great history, amazing beaches and breathtaking views. Check out this page to find exciting things to do in Lisbon.

We are honoured to be co-organising eXperience Agile with IDC,  and strongly believe that the conference is on a clear path to becoming one of the best in the Agile space. We’re definitely determined to do everything we can for this. Don’t miss out being part of it - we hope to see you there!

To find out more on eXperience Agile or to book tickets click here.



Explore eXperience Agile here 


Toni Adeoye

Toni Adeoye

Toni is a motivated and passionate individual with a keen interest in Marketing and Business. She is looking forward to having a great career in this industry. Toni is looking to broaden her horizons and develop her skills in this fast-paced environment. Toni’s driven attitude fits well with her role as a Marketing and PR Assistant here at Radtac. While working at a company like ours, she knows she will gain a vast amount of knowledge and experience in marketing, Agile and much more. She also looks forward to complete more courses after passing her BCS Agile exam. She is working towards earning her Level 3 Digital Marketing qualification. The company will definitely prepare her to enter the fast-paced and evolving industry of Agile. As well as enjoying her experience working at Radtac, Toni is a bubbly girl from London who loves to go out as much as she can, and enjoy herself - but she is all about the balance. Read more