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ICAgile Project & Delivery Management


Since 2017 we’ve successfully worked with ICAgile (International Consortium for Agile) to become a Member Training Organisation (MTO) and accredit our Agile Fundamentals, Coaching & Facilitation courses and trainers that many of you will have attended and completed your certification for.

For those of you who are not familiar, the ICAgile learning roadmap provides clear paths for professionals and organisations who want to start or continue their Agile journey. If you’d like to understand the roadmap and pathways available, read our blog here.

In 2020 we will be growing our ICAgile offering further, adding new courses to our portfolio to support development and progression along the roadmap for individuals, teams and organisations.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve already made some progress towards this goal with our latest course receiving its accreditation in recent weeks - ICAgile Project & Delivery Management is now available in our course portfolio!


ICAgile Delivery Management Track & Project And Delivery Management course

ICP-APM (1)The Delivery Management Track introduces core Agile concepts such as servant leadership, adaptive planning, frequent feedback for learning, and a focus on value-driven versus plan-driven delivery. The knowledge-based certifications on this track are Agile Project and Delivery Management and Delivery at Scale. Once learners obtain this foundation upon which to build competence, they can apply for the coveted ICAgile Certified Expert in Delivery Management (ICE-DM.)

ICP-APM certification focuses on core components of agile project management as distinct from traditional project management, and on equipping course participants with strategies and techniques for successful Lean and Agile project implementation. A servant leadership mindset and approach are critical to empowering agile teams to produce great results.

Who is the course for?

This course is ideal for traditional Project Managers who are making the transition to agile environments or agile team members interested in taking on servant leadership roles are the primary audience for this certification. Relevant roles include:

  • Project Managers
  • ScrumMasters
  • Business Analysts
  • Product Managers
  • or other team members interested in Agile Project Management.

Some of topics covered are:

  • Agile refresh
  • Impact on Management
  • Optimising the System
  • Navigating Governance and Contracts
  • Empowering High Performance
  • Structuring for Rapid Feedback
  • Identifying and Communicating Value
  • Defining Successful Delivery
  • Leveraging Constraints
  • Adaptive Planning
  • Monitoring and Communicating Progress

The ICP-APM course is available both as an on-site course at a location of your choice, as well as being on our public schedule. To secure your place on one of our public classes follow the link below to our dedicated course page where you can view available dates, locations, pricing and full course information

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If you would like one of our qualified trainers to come to your organisation to deliver this course, simply click the purple tab below, fill in the details and we will be in touch within 24hrs. 

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Jo Sharp

Jo Sharp

With a determination to succeed and great enthusiasm, Jo’s dynamic approach fits perfectly with her role as Training Manager in our busy Training Team. Jo joined the Team in 2013 when she began her own Agile journey learning, understanding and applying Agile principles and practises developing and adopting the company's Agile mindset. If you're new to Agile or considering undertaking additional training Jo would be happy to share her own experiences and support you in your Agile transformation. Read more