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#InsightThursday: Agile Outside the IT World

14-May-2015 13:30:00 Agile outside IT Agile
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Do you like to stay up to date with the latest agile thinking, opinions and methods but haven’t yet found a source that shares this in one place? Our #InsightThursday feature could be just what you’ve been looking for.

Radtac have over 16 years’ experience and consider ourselves to be at the forefront of agile thinking. We’ve recently shared the practical experience of our team in a new book Agile Foundations – principles, practices and frameworks written together with the BCS.

Having said that we believe you never really stop learning and actively encourage discussion between our team and wider agile community to enhance our agile mindset. Sharing these articles, we’d like to stay in touch with what others are saying too.

 We’re keen to share these pearls of wisdom with you using the hashtag #InsightThursday.

Within the Insight Thursday frame, we will look at sharing relevant, new or thought provoking articles from around the agile world. Whether you’re new to it, or an existing agile adopter we hope these articles will generate thoughts for you to ponder.

Our first #InsightThursday post is a selection of articles showing the ever increasing use of agile outside the IT world.

An article in the Harvard Business Review discussed bringing agile to the whole organisation is transforming the way business is done in new and diverse industries outside of IT.

One of the main areas HBR believe the change can be seen is within a company’s HR department. For instance recruiters are being inspired to rethink how they search for agile solutions. This article from Tobias Mayer gives some great tips on writing an agile job ad.

The HR appraisals are also becoming increasingly inspected and adapted. This forward thinking piece from Jena McGregor asks could these 4 questions replace performance evaluation?

Big Data companies such as banks are beginning to move towards an agile mindset, igniting a company cultural change which in turn will encourage the rethinking of the bureaucracy and inflexibility of their monolithic databases. In fact Forbes believes that 2015 might be The Year Big Data Becomes Agile. This view was also very much supported by a recent article written by Michael Short about how the banking sector needs to innovate (put link to article here) their data management systems.

Have you enjoyed this post? Have the featured articles expanded your current views? Encouraged you to adopt an agile mindset? Or do they support your own experience? Let us know your views by using the comments box below. Don’t forget to tune in next Thursday for all new insights.

Do you have an interesting article that you’d like to share? Please get in contact with Jo Sharp or join the debate on social media using #InsightThursday.


Jo Sharp

Jo Sharp

With a determination to succeed and great enthusiasm, Jo’s dynamic approach fits perfectly with her role as Training Manager in our busy Training Team. Jo joined the Team in 2013 when she began her own Agile journey learning, understanding and applying Agile principles and practises developing and adopting the company's Agile mindset. If you're new to Agile or considering undertaking additional training Jo would be happy to share her own experiences and support you in your Agile transformation. Read more