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#InsightThursday: The State of Business Transformation in 2015. Challenges for 2016.

January is the month where people and businesses look back and do an assessment of the year that has just passed. It’s also a good time to set goals and paths to follow in the year ahead. This Insight Thursday post focuses on conclusions drawn from 2015 and challenges for the year ahead around Agile and Business Transformation.

Agile was the norm in 2015

Christina Mulligan from SD Times concludes how Agile keeps picking up with many organisations, following on its ascending adoption trend. 2015 is said to have been “the year they [software development companies] all finally started to understand and see the benefits”.

The beginning of Agile maturity

‘Agile maturity’ as a term has come up several times in 2015, according to Search Software Quality’s Jennifer Lent. The article takes a closer look at defining what Agile maturity is.

8 IT leaders look back at 2015

CIO published an article with 2015 insights from eight CIOs. Amongst the topics mentioned are continued transformation, refreshing IT strategies, hybrid clouds, improving customer experience, dealing with change management, retaining top talent and others.

CIO Priorities for 2016: Driving business innovation and leading change

Two of the major objectives for UK CIOs in 2016 are driving business innovation and leading change efforts, according to’s research findings. (Have a look at the graphs from the article illustrating CIO’s priorities.)

Top priorities for Nordic CIOs in 2016

Carrying on with the topics from last year, 2016 will focus more on digital transformation, cloud services, better customer service, surpassing the competition, IT modernisation, according to the article on CIO.

Agile accelerating outside IT in 2016

Companies keep contributing to Agile adoption growth. Moreover, adoption goes beyond their IT processes and systems, extending to departments such as product development, HR, marketing, finance. Read more in the article from IT Pro Portal.

Did you come across any interesting articles about organisations’ agenda from 2015 or for 2016? Share them with us using the comments box below.


Sabina Stoiciu

Sabina Stoiciu

A PR and marketing professional, Sabina enjoys working in a vibrant business environment. She sees Agile as a mindset that enables everyone to think and work differently, achieving better outcomes. Sabina has a bachelor's degree in Communication and PR, and a master's degree in Marketing and Advertising. She previously worked as a Marketing professional for a technical product - a form building platform - where Agile had started to improve the company's performance. Read more