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Introducing Agile to Young People Starting Work

08-Feb-2017 12:05:04 BCS Agile foundations

Why I Believe Agile Should Be Introduced to All Young People Starting Work

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Just as a disclaimer, this is my first blog and it will also be a blog about a subject that I am by no means an expert in.  So, this could very well be a very subjective opinion.

About Me  

Since I am trying to get across a message that anyone can be Agile, I feel as though it is important to give you a bit of information about me.

I started working for Radtac as a not-so-fresh-faced apprentice about nine months ago. I was relatively new to the working world, so I kind of expected to be a little bit confused at every twist and turn. The only problem was that everyone at Radtac seemed to speak an entirely different language. I cannot tell you the amount of times someone has been talking, and I was just sitting there nodding, thinking  “I have no clue what this person is saying, at all.”

However, there was this one word that I kept hearing daily. “AGILE”. (Don’t worry, people in the office were not constantly screaming ‘Agile’ at each other; I just put it in capital letters for the dramatic effect). Now, after 9 short months and a BCS course, I feel as if I am starting to work in a more Agile way.

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How can Agile help people that are new to the working world?

Let me first cover what Agile is.

To put this simply, ‘Agile’ is an umbrella term that is made up of different methodologies/practises, which ultimately all have the same goal: to get people to work in a smarter, flexible and more organised way. Agile also encourages people to communicate more, and be more transparent about their workload.

Speaking from my own experience, when I first started work, I didn’t know how to organise my workload (I could still probably improve on this one, to be honest). I didn’t know how to communicate effectively in the workplace, and I didn’t know how to be flexible with my tasks - I know for a fact this is also the case with 90% of all people new to the working world.

The first day that I started with Radtac, I was introduced to something called a Trello board, which can be used as an electronic version of the Kanban board.

Trello helped me organise my workload by allowing me to create a checklist of all my outstanding tasks for the day. Everyone in my team or department can view my Trello board at any time. This means that I am working in a transparent way - something that could even safeguard new people from getting overloaded with work. I can be flexible by moving tasks up and down my checklist for the day, depending on how important they are, compared to my other tasks for that day. I even used a copy of one of my Trello boards as evidence in a unit that related to organisation when I was doing my apprenticeship.

These are just a few of the advantages that I’ve personally come across in the time I’ve spent so far with Radtac, learning about Agile.

I honestly believe that someone needs to visit an apprentice learning provider or a school, and just explain how simple Agile techniques can help young people in the workplace.

In conclusion, if you are a young person new to the working world, just give Agile a try. It might just help. I know it helped me, and I will be able to apply it going forward, no matter where I find myself career-wise in the future.

Anyway, if you’ll excuse me now, I am going to update my CV by adding `Blogging` as a skill, right next to ‘BCS Foundation Certificate in Agile’.

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Ryan Watson

Ryan Watson

Ryan is a young, keen and motivated individual currently working with Radtac towards achieving his NVQ Business Administration Level II. Since working for Radtac, Ryan has developed various new skills, and has adapted well to the Agile mindset of the company. Having never heard of Agile before, Ryan has quickly grasped the knowledge and understanding of Agile, how it works and how it can be implemented. He recently sat the BCS Foundations Certificate in Agile course and passed the exam with flying colours. This was a big achievement for Ryan and gave him even more enthusiasm and determination to learn more about the Agile world. Ryan is excited for what the future holds with him at Radtac. Read more