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Lean Portfolio Management

29-Aug-2019 07:42:01 Scaled Agile SAFe 4.6 Portfolio Portfolio Management
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Thinking about your Lean Portfolio Management?  Well stop for a moment and ask yourself this question:

Which of these do leaders struggle with more? Is it creating a strategy or executing the strategy?

Every time I pose this question their answer is immediate “Execution”! And what do we train leaders as Business School? “Strategy”!





So how do solve a problem like Maria?

Well the Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) course is all about aligning strategy with execution.  This three-day, intensive workshop is for senior leaders and other key stakeholders to learn how to align strategy with execution to create a culture of innovation, flexibility, and speed.


So why should I attend this course?

In any enterprise or government agency, there are usually more great ideas than can realistically be implemented. There’s also often a disconnect between the leadership vision and strategy and the teams that do the work. While executives see the big picture, they’re not always close enough to the everyday work to figure out what will drive business outcomes. Then, there are traditional approaches to portfolio management, which weren’t designed for a global economy or the impact of digital disruption. These factors put organizations under pressure to work with a higher degree of uncertainty yet deliver innovative solutions much faster.


The supposedly simple outcome of agreeing on strategy is not such a simple thing in the enterprise. Opinions abound; important stakeholders don’t always agree. But clearly, misalignment on strategy has an unacceptably high cost. Only by allocating the right investments to building the right things can an enterprise achieve its ultimate business objectives. This course includes a participatory budgeting exercise that demonstrates how to align the entire portfolio with stakeholder perspectives about what to fund and why—so that teams can develop and maintain a portfolio of products and services that support the organization’s evolving needs.


Attendees will also learn how to take a Lean Startup approach to implement significant initiatives (Epics), which involves building a minimal viable product (MVP), applying a customer-focused, scientific build-measure-learn cycle of continuous innovation, and deciding whether to persevere or pivot.


So, sign up for out next class where you’ll will gain the practical tools and techniques necessary to implement the LPM functions of strategy and investment funding, Agile portfolio operations, and Lean governance. When everyone involved in developing solutions is aligned with the strategy and the future of the business, all people within the portfolio can effectively execute as one, unified team to create extraordinary business outcomes.


You can find our course listing here


Sukie Kang

Sukie Kang

Sukie is a Scaled Agile (SAFe) Program Consultant, Certified SAFe Professional, Certified Scrum Master, Chartered IT Professional (CITP) and Agile Coach. Read more