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Mastering Artistry Workshop: Join the Meetup on December 8!

01-Dec-2015 16:00:00 Meetup Visualisation
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What if you could visualise your ideas, make it easier for others to relate to what you have in mind, and make team collaboration more effective? Join us for an engaging Mastering Artistry Workshop meetup and find out how you can achieve all this.

Join us for an exciting evening on December 8 with our very talented Stuart Young, visualisation artist and live illustrator. Stuart will be hosting a hands-on Mastering Artistry Workshop, where the only thing you need to bring along is a desire to draw.

Leave your inhibitions behind you and remember anyone can draw! Enriching an ideation session, workshop or presentation with engaging visuals doesn’t have to be an exclusive art. Build your confidence by undertaking an intensive and enjoyable visualisation workshop.


Don’t expect to find a table, PowerPoint presentation or even sit down for longer than a couple of minutes! During the one hour workshop a short amount of time will be spent talking through the theory of live visualisation before taking on a range of bite sized exercises that will help you to build your confidence when writing or drawing in front of a crowd.

There will be two one-hour sessions so you can choose the time that suits you best. The first session will run from 5:30 - 6:30 PM and the second one from 6:45 - 7:45 PM. Due to high demand, please select the session you would like to attend.

To celebrate the festive season, we'll have drinks, nibbles and mince pies. We look forward to seeing you there!

Do you have a friend or colleague who would like to attend? We're happy for you to bring them along - send them an invite now.


Sabina Stoiciu

Sabina Stoiciu

A PR and marketing professional, Sabina enjoys working in a vibrant business environment. She sees Agile as a mindset that enables everyone to think and work differently, achieving better outcomes. Sabina has a bachelor's degree in Communication and PR, and a master's degree in Marketing and Advertising. She previously worked as a Marketing professional for a technical product - a form building platform - where Agile had started to improve the company's performance. Read more