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My Top Three SAFe Reads, part 3

24-Jun-2019 17:21:41 Scaled Agile Implementing SAFe
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During every Implementing SAFe class, I create a reading list of the books and white papers that I reference in addition to the various videos that I show throughout the course; it’s quite a list. But then someone ask what would be you Top 3 if you have to prioritise – well that’s like asking which is your favourite child!

This is the final part in a series of 3 blogs.


The first one looked at my Top 3 Books

The second one looked at my Top 3 White Papers

And this looks at my Top 3 Videos – although I do cheat a bit with the first one!!

Top 3 Videos

Probably even harder than the books because I have more than 50 videos on my YouTube ‘Agile’ Channel. How do you pick 3!! Well here goes:

1-8 Video on Principles (Don Reinertsen)

Well I couldn’t not include the Don especially I haven’t included his book. In fairness, Don is more consumable face to face in this series of short 8 videos he explains some of his key principles.

Here is the link to the first one (5’30”) where he talks about Cost of Delay:

You should be able to find the remaining 7 videos.

The surprising truth about what motivates us (Dan Pink)

It never ceases to amaze me how many people have still NOT seen this video. I have been showing it for the last 7 years and I always say, ‘every seen this video?’. Most of the room will say ‘Nope’.

Money not is a motivator BUT we need to pay people enough money to take the issue off the table otherwise it becomes a demotivator – it’s a hygiene factor i.e. clean toilets do not give you good health but prevent bad health. Money is the same.

People want Purpose, Mastery and Autonomy – so watch the video!

“Greatness” (David Marquet)

I only became aware of David more recently then his video was added to the SAFe class. The video is adapted from David TED talk on Greatness, and is based on his book, Turn the Ship Around!

It demonstrates that even in a military setting (nuclear submarine) with considerable hierarchy it is possible to decentralise decision making moreover, it should be actively encouraged so that leaders are not always the ‘answer person’ and can go home at night and eat and see their family.

In fact, agile is a fundamental DNA of most military folks because they have to adapt to changing circumstances. As Field Marshal Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf von Moltkesaid:

“No plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first contact with the main hostile force”

It is one of the key videos that we need to show all our leaders of today.


It has been hard to pick a top 3 and will all ‘top picks’ I am sure there will be some that people thing I should have included. Let me have your thoughts


Darren Wilmshurst SPCT



Darren Wilmshurst

Darren Wilmshurst

With his strategic C-suite-oriented approach to IT leadership – and his infectious energy – Darren has successfully delivered multi-million pound business transformations for e-commerce sites, ERP implementations, outsourcing and offshoring, including multiple Agile transformations. Read more