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What do I do if someone wants to change a Feature mid Program Increment?

14-Apr-2020 10:15:00 SAFe SAFe 5.0

What do I do if someone wants to change a Feature mid Program Increment?

This question gets asked all the time in my Implementing SAFe class because this will always happen in real life; this is not a theoretical question and as such we need to know how to deal with it. 

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Where is the Project Manager in SAFe?

Where is the Project Manager in SAFe®? Is a question that I always get asked when delivering Implementing SAFe or indeed Leading SAFe; it is at this point I pause, sit down and have a discussion with the class.

The first question I ask is "Can someone define a Project for me?"

Answer: "It has a start and a finish i.e. it is a temporary organisation". 

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Who is the Product Owner for the System Team? - Part 3

02-Apr-2020 07:26:00 SAFe SAFe 5.0

In the final installment of articles looking at the role of the Product Owner and the System Team, we explore a common antipattern to watch out for and avoid, and closing thoughts with a quick win if you need to fill the role in a hurry. If you’ve missed the earlier versions, Part 1 that explored the System Team, the PO role and essential skills, and Part 2 which looked at where to find them and their development opportunities.

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Who is the Product Owner for the System Team? - Part 2

31-Mar-2020 07:24:00 SAFe SAFe 5.0


In part 1 of the blog, we discussed what the System Team is, what a PO for the System Team does and the essential skills for this role in relation to the System Team. Now we turn our attention, where you might find the Product Owner for the System Team, and no matter where you find them, that there will be some personal development needed to maximise their potential. 

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Who is the Product Owner for the System Team? - Part 1

27-Mar-2020 07:20:55 SAFe SAFe 5.0

Identifying the Product Owner for the System Team can sometimes be not as straightforward as it can be for other teams in Agile Release Trains (ART). Here we explore what you need to consider to make this a successful role. This is the first of a series of three articles that explores the role of the Product Owner in relation to the System Team and their essential skills. In the later articles, we will explore where you might find candidates for the role and how to plan their personal development to excel, followed by antipatterns to be aware of and some quick wins.

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Don't Panic! High quality learning with our Agile Virtual Training

For many years Radtac has been delivering Agile Virtual Training as well as our Classroom, Video and eLearning training services. Whether online or offline we always provide the best learning experience.  Given the current global condition Don't Panic - we know that most of our customers are currently facing travel bans and isolation which means that our Agile Virtual Training is the best solution available.  

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Seven lessons from science to create a high performing team

On a sunny Edinburgh day Alan Furlong was a guest speak at the Agile Scotland spring event. Alan is a former senior HR professional, two times successful entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for the people aspects of digital transformation.  At Radtac he uses his wealth of experience and authentic people skills to accelerate our transformations.

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ICAgile Project & Delivery Management

Since 2017 we’ve successfully worked with ICAgile (International Consortium for Agile) to become a Member Training Organisation (MTO) and accredit our Agile Fundamentals, Coaching & Facilitation courses and trainers that many of you will have attended and completed your certification for.

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Training packages - you can have it all!

05-Dec-2019 10:26:00 Training Agile training

Our four-part blog series exploring the best training solution for your team/organisation concludes today. You may have already read part to three which covered on-site, scheduled and e-learning training solutions. In each part our team weighed up the pros & cons of each solution and offered guidance on which solution may suit each need. You may wish to download our free decision-making support!

In this final part of the series we’re going to explore how a training package could support an organisation.

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Collaboration with Distributed teams – Travelport Blog Part 3

19-Nov-2019 12:59:00 SAFe 4.6

Collaboration with distributed teams is a challenge for any globalised workforce.

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