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Plan Your Christmas With Our Festive Kanban Board

14-Dec-2017 10:25:11 Kanban How-To Christmas
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Christmas To Do list

Are you struggling to plan your Christmas in an efficient way? We have provided a solution for you to overcome this with a Kanban board. A Kanban board is a workflow visualisation tool that enables you to optimise and manage the flow of your work. If you are a beginner in using a Kanban board or have never used one yourself check out our previous blog on ‘How to use a Kanban board’.  There are many benefits to using a Kanban Board such as:


- Providing visibility across the team

- Reduces overburdening

- Helps with communicating better

- Encourages better quality of work


The Kanban board below will provide you with a step-by-step template for planning your Christmas. Rather than having an unstructured approach to planning, this will help you make sure everything is done in time.

Christmas Kanban Board Template

The board includes things such as getting the turkey, going shopping for presents and much more. We have already put tasks in the ‘To do’ list so you don’t need to stress about what to include, but we have also left space for you to add some of your own ‘To do’ items.

We’ve come up with an example of how to use the Kanban board to make sure you have the turkey on the table, presents under the tree and no extra elves needed to finish the work you didn’t get done in time.


To Do Agree Acceptance Criteria Doing Blocked Ready for Sign off Done

Get turkey












- Ensure everyone in the family is okay with being in charge of the turkey

- Make sure you get enough for the entire family to eat on Christmas Day.

- Start thinking about some shops where you can get it from


Go and get the turkey from the shop











The shop told you that they don’t have a turkey with your specifications. So you need to come back and collect when it is available*







You have brought the turkey home and everyone has agreed this is the turkey they want









Christmas turkey purchased and ready to be cooked











*If you reach a blocker or an impediment you put this in the blocked column. So in this example once you have actually managed to get the turkey it will leave the blocked column and move to Ready for sign off.

To download your own editable copy, click on this link. Also, we would love to see pictures of how you’re using this Kanban Board for Christmas, so please send us some.

From Everyone at Radtac we’d like to wish you Happy Holidays. 


Want to learn more about how to use Kanban? Join one of our Kanban training courses.


Toni Adeoye

Toni Adeoye

Toni is a motivated and passionate individual with a keen interest in Marketing and Business. She is looking forward to having a great career in this industry. Toni is looking to broaden her horizons and develop her skills in this fast-paced environment. Toni’s driven attitude fits well with her role as a Marketing and PR Assistant here at Radtac. While working at a company like ours, she knows she will gain a vast amount of knowledge and experience in marketing, Agile and much more. She also looks forward to complete more courses after passing her BCS Agile exam. She is working towards earning her Level 3 Digital Marketing qualification. The company will definitely prepare her to enter the fast-paced and evolving industry of Agile. As well as enjoying her experience working at Radtac, Toni is a bubbly girl from London who loves to go out as much as she can, and enjoy herself - but she is all about the balance. Read more