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Find Us On G-Cloud 7 In The Digital Marketplace

The new G-Cloud 7 is part of the Government’s effort to make services and suppliers of all sizes more accessible to public sector organisations. The new release ensures that services within the Digital Marketplace, the online catalogue for public sector cloud IT service buyers, are the most up-to-date and innovative cloud solutions available.

We are delighted to announce that, once again, we’ve been accepted for the G-Cloud 7 framework.


Latest G-Cloud version: G-Cloud 7

The latest version of G-Cloud (G7) was launched Monday, 23rd November, and according to the Digital Marketplace blog the number of suppliers is higher than ever. This year, G7 saw 709 new suppliers being accepted, compared to 516 for G-Cloud 6. The number of services the public sector now have access to is over 22,000 and the total number of suppliers is over 2,300.

You can view a full list with all suppliers here.

Radtac has been an official supplier for G-Cloud services since the launch of this initiative. We are pleased to announce that once again we’ve been accepted into the latest version of the framework and, if you are a public sector organisation, you can access our services under the Specialist Cloud Services Lot. The purpose of this Service is to support organisation’s transition to Infrastructure, Platform and Software as a Service.

What are the key benefits of G-Cloud?

G-Cloud’s main aim is to offer public sector organisations a more time- and cost-effective way to procure services. Along with that, the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) lists a few other benefits:

  • Transparent services catalogue creating a competitive marketplace
  • Simplified buying process
  • Pre-defined services, costs and terms
  • ‘Pay as you go’ contractual agreements
  • Support towards the government’s small and medium sized business agenda.

What Radtac services can you find on G-Cloud 7?

All G-Cloud 7 services are displayed within the Digital Marketplace, where you can find Radtac as a supplier.

In the latest version of G-Cloud, public sector organisations can find our following services:

Being a Crown Commercial Supplier empowers us to offer our extensive Agile expertise for the benefits of the public sector. We have worked with several public sector organisations, such as Bristol City Council, aiding them in their Agile transformation.

If you have any questions or would like us to have a conversation on how we can help public sector organisations, contact us today.


Sabina Stoiciu

Sabina Stoiciu

A PR and marketing professional, Sabina enjoys working in a vibrant business environment. She sees Agile as a mindset that enables everyone to think and work differently, achieving better outcomes. Sabina has a bachelor's degree in Communication and PR, and a master's degree in Marketing and Advertising. She previously worked as a Marketing professional for a technical product - a form building platform - where Agile had started to improve the company's performance. Read more