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Radtac's Agile Predictions - Part 4

04-Feb-2015 15:30:00 Consulting
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The penultimate blog in our Agile Predictions series is from COO and Head of Radtac Culture, Michael Short. He predicts that the culture of organisations will move away from traditional control methods to environmental in 2015. This will support and cultivate collaborative working.


Michael Short's top 5 predictions are outlined below:

  1. I expect companies to move from a command and control structure to a customer demand enabled culture, that necessitates the move from Expert and Control methods of working to Cultivation and Collaboration ways of working.
  2. The age of the team and concept to delivery, with commitment and accountability being given to those teams while also giving them the resources and autonomy to deliver.
  3. I see clients having to comply to a more rigorous and inspection orientated regulatory and governance environment and finding the traditional route to deliver in that environment unsuitable which will drive a different way to work and therefore cultural requirement on the business.
  4. I see clients moving towards the principles and values that are best expressed in the Agile family of methods. These principles and values of working will require that the culture of the business adopts these agile values and principles, we have a made to measure approach to help them with that.
  5. Clients really will recognise that traditional methods of doing things need to be constantly inspected and adapted, so that the customer does not leave to a better model faster than they can recognise and adapt.

What are your thoughts? #JoinTheDebate on Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook or by adding your comments below.


Jo Sharp

Jo Sharp

With a determination to succeed and great enthusiasm, Jo’s dynamic approach fits perfectly with her role as Training Manager in our busy Training Team. Jo joined the Team in 2013 when she began her own Agile journey learning, understanding and applying Agile principles and practises developing and adopting the company's Agile mindset. If you're new to Agile or considering undertaking additional training Jo would be happy to share her own experiences and support you in your Agile transformation. Read more