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RallyOn! Europe 2013 Conference

19-Sep-2013 15:30:00 SAFe Agile
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This is a slightly different blog post from me because I wanted to share some of my experiences at the RallyOn Conference which was held at 200 Aldersgate, right next to the Museum of London. However, I just want to say what a great venue run by etc.venues – definitely worth checking out if you are thinking of planning a conference in London.

What I have tried to do is capture some of the great quotes and pictures from the day.


I got there nice and early, not to plan out my day, but to make sure I could sample the delights of the breakfast, plus, by then I needed coffee!

The welcome talk was given by Karl Scotland (@kjscotland) from Rally who introduced the first speaker.

Beyond Budgeting

What an inspired choice – Bjarte Bogsnes (@bbogsnes), author of 'Implementing Beyond Budgeting' and VP at Statoil.

If I was to describe Beyond Budgeting, then I would say it is Agile for Finance Departments! I hope Bjarte doesn’t object to my summary!

Bjarte Bogsnes Beyond Budgeting Principles


“As we grow older we lose felxibility, as companies grow they lose agility. The only difference is that companies have a choice! How to be big and small at the same time”

“Sunshine stories do not exist.”

“If you scare people, you risk not getting started at all.”

“To make good decisions we need information but we need information at the right time i.e. as late as possible not 12 months in advance.”

“Dear Bank Customer, we are writing to let you know that we have reviewed our opening hours. From now on the Bank will only be open in October for all loan requests for the following year.”

“To be become more fit you can either do a crash diet or make a change in lifestyle.”


State of the ART: Agile Release Train Delivers Solutions


Next up, Rachel Weston Powell (@fishfade) who is a member of the CTO office at Rally.

“The speed of change has increased since the 70s/80s and in turn, so must the way we deliver”

“Average lifespan of a Fortune500 company is 18 years”

“SAFe is System Sprinting not just Team Sprinting”

“Speak in the language of the business; the language of the business is economics”

“You cannot scale agile without leadership; strong leadership that understands econmics, lean thinking”


Agile Leadership


The dreaded slot after lunch (and what a good lunch) was energised by Tamara Nation (@nationagile) who is a Product Coach at Rally.

“Customer power is increasing as is brand disloyalty”

“33% of Scrum Adoptions fail and revert to form in some way”

“Culture eats stragegy adoption”

“Middle management killed agile at Nokia trying to preserve their power base”

“The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off”


Implementing SAFe at TomTom


James Janisse talked about the reasons they decided to adopt SAFe as the basis for of re-engineering software development within the Navigation Product Unit.

“We named releases after the month that they were due to be released e.g. August Release in August. We stopped doing that when we were delivering 3 or 4 months later!”

“We trained people to NOT trust us – delivering late, poor quality”

“Brings requirements to a team rather than bring a (new formed) team to a requirement”

Tom Tom Go 500

The GO 500 which I won for the best question!


The Impact of Agile Quantified


So quite simply Larry Maccherone (@LMaccherone) blew me away with his data analysis of almost 10,000 Agile projects in Rally.

To be honest I don’t think I would do him justice however, I would urge you to vist his ‘7 deadly sins of using Agile Management


Rally Customer Panel


The closing panel consisted of James Janisse (TomTom), Keith Halford (The Travis Perkins Group), Jay Bishop (TUI) and Ken Power (Cisco Systems) and answered questions from the floor.

“Q: When do you know when you are Agile? A: Never!”


Evening Reception


Music from the Jazz Cannons with canapes and rather nice glass of red wine.

Time to thank the great folks from Rally not forgetting Ken Clyne (@kclyne) who agreed to present at BCS Agile SG the night before on ‘putting fun back into retrospectives!’


Images source: Bjarte Bogsnes, Tom Tom Go 500


Darren Wilmshurst

Darren Wilmshurst

With his strategic C-suite-oriented approach to IT leadership – and his infectious energy – Darren has successfully delivered multi-million pound business transformations for e-commerce sites, ERP implementations, outsourcing and offshoring, including multiple Agile transformations. Read more