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The Times 'Enterprise Agility' and Agile Transformation

The Times published their 'Enterprise Agilty' supplement with Raconteur on the 13th September

Once again The Times, in association with Raconteur, have run their eye over the world of Agile in their 'Enterprise Agility' supplement read by over 1 million Times readers.

The Times Enterprise Agility supplement download

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Ready For Agile? A Test For Your Organisation

29-Oct-2014 13:30:00 Agile delivery Agile

I heard a tale of an Agile coach who had a rule as follows:

If an organisation is using Internet Explorer version 6 then they are uncoachable (latest is version 11).

This was based on his experience – he had never got anywhere with a company who was so far behind the curve. Adoption of Internet Explorer is an indicator of something about the organization that is directly related to their hunger to absorb new ideas about work (i.e. the agile revolution).

Adoption of new ideas is characterised by the technology adoption lifecycle shown below:

Image source: Wikipedia

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Transforming Your Java Development to Agile - Where Do I Start? What Do I Need!

07-Jan-2014 13:00:00 Agile transformation Agile delivery

Java Agile Configurator

When transforming an IT development capability to agile, you can spend a tremendous amount of time researching principles & practices and selecting tools – and that’s before you implement them. That’s why we’ve created a tool to guide you from established best development practices through to tools that implement or support those practices – The Java Agile Configurator.

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Radtac embeds learning through doing

20-May-2013 14:30:00 Agile delivery

Radtac was engaged in late 2012 with the objective of enhancing the quality and efficiency of the client’s software development process. They needed to achieve change while continuing to deliver important system and client updates.

The Client was using classic ‘V’ model for development, which was proving less effective as the demand to increase the speed of delivery was continually growing in an environment of accelerating change. Like most successful businesses, their software portfolio is a mix of modern development and legacy systems running on older technologies, and managing the prioritisation of new development, versus serving their existing estate of customers, is a problem that will be familiar to many of us.

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