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The Two Sides Of Agile

I’ve been carrying this bit of paper around in my bag for about six months. It’s a scribble I drew once while on one of ‘those’ conference calls. You know - the one where someone is talking and you are not entirely sure why you are dialled in, let alone why you are attempting to listen.

At the time I was trying to work out a simple way of showing different Agile adoption approaches and how they can so easily go awry.

So what in the world does this scribble show?

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The Agile Golfing Manifesto

21-Aug-2015 16:30:00 Agile sports Culture Agile manifesto Agile

I have recently taken up playing golf again.

I’m not really sure what made me make this rash decision, maybe it's because I’ve just turned 53 and need some exercise, maybe it's because I’ve decided being a CEO isn’t stressful enough and I need something else to worry about; maybe it’s just because I secretly like wearing loud trousers.

I don’t really know.

What I do know is that now I’ve started to take golf semi-seriously, I’ve suddenly realized how complicated the game is. I keep expecting an epiphany when I’ll start playing like Jack Nicklaus, but instead I keep going out and playing more like Jacques Tati!

What have I learned from this experience?

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The Times They Are a Changing

When the starts recommending agile approaches you know it’s time to sit up and take notice.

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#InsightThursday: An Agile Manifesto Update & the Benefits of Agile

30-Jul-2015 17:30:00 #InsightThursday Agile manifesto Agile

Is Agile still relevant?

No, we have passed this by now and we need to go back to heavy-weight, cumbersome, end-weighted delivery before we get any benefit, especially in these uncertain digital times when nobody knows what they want...

We are joking, of course, as the readers of the below article agree in their comments. Moreover, you’ll benefit from applying Agile to the whole organisation rather than just your software development teams, Agile allows small failures to lead to success and can help you overcome fear.

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