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What Is Agile Marketing?

This is a guest post by Jim Ewel, one of the early proponents of Agile Marketing.

I read a lot of articles about Agile Marketing, and a lot of it is confused. Those of us who have led the movement to Agile Marketing have not done a good job of explaining Agile Marketing, what it is, and what it isn’t. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and I think Agile Marketing boils down to three things.

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#Insight Thursday: Scrum, Agile Marketing and Business Transformation

How did project management turn into a Scrum? How do you maximise the art of work not done? What about agile marketing? How does the right platform affect your digital transformation and what is the link between this transformation and your organisation's culture? If you want to find the answers, read on for this week's #InsightThursday feature. If you missed the last one, read it here.

How project management turned into a Scrum

Heavy documenting processes, long delivery time, cost overrun, questionable customer satisfaction are just some of the reasons for shifting to an agile way of working like Scrum, as reported by Lisa Pollack from the Financial Times.*

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