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Float, Move, Fight.

An alternative prioritisation model.

While I was coaching at a client site earlier in the year I got talking to a Scrum Master and ex Royal Navy Warfare Officer called John Harrison, after everyone had gone home. Now I’m not quite sure how we got on to the subject, but I seem to remember we were discussing how to bring his Royal Navy experience back into what he does as a Scrum Master. Then we started relating different military forces to the Stacey Matrix, but that's a whole other blog :)

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Agile Sports: What Can We All Learn From Leicester City?

20-May-2016 11:00:00 Agile sports Agile outside IT

Okay, here’s the admission up front. I am a Leicester City fan and I could not miss the (once in a lifetime) opportunity to write a blog that references my football team on the back of their biggest ever achievement!

In fact, let’s be clear. What Leicester City have done is possibly the biggest sporting achievement, in any sport, solo or team, EVER. If you don’t believe me, just wait for the Hollywood movie, because I guarantee it is coming.

For those of you not interested in football, I appreciate that your eyes could be already rolling into the back of your head. But whether or not you are a football fan, a partial observer or someone who thinks kicking a pig’s bladder ‘round a field is utterly pointless, there are lessons to be learnt from Leicester’s achievement.

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#InsightThursday: The State of Business Transformation in 2015. Challenges for 2016.

January is the month where people and businesses look back and do an assessment of the year that has just passed. It’s also a good time to set goals and paths to follow in the year ahead. This Insight Thursday post focuses on conclusions drawn from 2015 and challenges for the year ahead around Agile and Business Transformation.

Agile was the norm in 2015

Christina Mulligan from SD Times concludes how Agile keeps picking up with many organisations, following on its ascending adoption trend. 2015 is said to have been “the year they [software development companies] all finally started to understand and see the benefits”.

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All Aboard to Trim, Tack, Inspect and Adapt - Sailing the Agile Way

02-Oct-2015 12:00:00 Agile sports Agile outside IT Agile

I’ve spent the last 26 years in IT and business transformation and have recently joined Radtac as Head of Public Sector. During my relatively short time with them I have come to realise that you can draw many parallels between Agile and your life experiences. Below, I will share with you a personal story about sailing and particularly what my daughter made me realise.

After a twenty-year hiatus from any serious sailing following the completion of my Yacht Master qualification at Cowes, the bug has bitten me again following a couple of very enjoyable boating activities this year.

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#InsightThursday: Agile Outside the IT World

14-May-2015 13:30:00 Agile outside IT Agile

Do you like to stay up to date with the latest agile thinking, opinions and methods but haven’t yet found a source that shares this in one place? Our #InsightThursday feature could be just what you’ve been looking for.

Radtac have over 16 years’ experience and consider ourselves to be at the forefront of agile thinking. We’ve recently shared the practical experience of our team in a new book Agile Foundations – principles, practices and frameworks written together with the BCS.

Having said that we believe you never really stop learning and actively encourage discussion between our team and wider agile community to enhance our agile mindset. Sharing these articles, we’d like to stay in touch with what others are saying too.

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