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#InsightThursday - Thought Provoking Articles

Radtac’s #InsightThursday is aimed at sharing relevant, new or thought provoking articles from around the agile world. Whether you’re new to it, or an existing agile adopter, we hope these articles will generate thoughts for you to ponder.

Take a moment to look at our collection of articles below and feel free to comment.

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#InsightThursday: Go Digital or Die Trying

28-May-2015 15:30:00 Agile transformation Agile

Having a digital presence as a company is a prerequisite for quite some time now. No one questions the need for a company to have a website and to be present in social media. While this was a huge thing years ago, trends evolve, and nowadays it’s getting unacceptable for organisations not to have mobile optimised websites.

Moreover, requirements for organisations don’t stop at having mobile friendly websites. Not even close. We are in the centre of a digital world surrounded by gadgets and all sorts of technologies. Marketing and sales models change to allow more and more customer personalisation with help of technology: personalised shopping experiences, perfectly targeted communications and custom fit offers.

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The DWP Pensions Challenge and How To Overcome It Successfully

Operating a pension scheme can be very complex and involve many people, multiple systems & interfaces to implement complex legislation and scheme design. None of these remain constant for very long and can easily cause an operation to become inefficient and expensive to run.

With the Department of Work and Pensions making changes to the automatic enrolment regulations on 1 April 2015, most companies are going to have to make big changes to the software systems they have already developed. Many smaller companies may not have yet developed a system at all.

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Sizing, Estimation and Forecasting

This is Radtac’s first Guest Blog and we are delighted that it is from the NHS Choices team and specifically Joe McGrath.

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Cross Functional Teams – really?

Having spent 16 years in Retail Banking in the late 90’s, I made the entirely (il)logical jump into IT; just about the time that the panic started to set in for the millennium cutover when all IT systems were expected to black-hole. I even remember that Virgin decided to stop all flights that bridged the hours from 1999 to 2000!

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The Economics of Agile Payback

30-Jan-2014 12:30:00 Agile transformation Consulting Agile

If Agile is not about making things cheaper for cost sake, although cost improvements as measured by economic value delivered to the P+L and asset secured to the balance sheet certainly are, how do we measure the payoff?

Economic Payoff

The decision we need to make in Agile software development is not just about cost. Nor is it just about Value, or maybe not even Return On Investment. Whilst all of these will have an influence, focusing on just the cost does not allow good economic decisions to be made.

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Transforming Your Java Development to Agile - Where Do I Start? What Do I Need!

07-Jan-2014 13:00:00 Agile transformation Agile delivery

Java Agile Configurator

When transforming an IT development capability to agile, you can spend a tremendous amount of time researching principles & practices and selecting tools – and that’s before you implement them. That’s why we’ve created a tool to guide you from established best development practices through to tools that implement or support those practices – The Java Agile Configurator.

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Ode to a Product Owner

Where do you start if you contemplating starting on an agile transformation? One of my colleagues really said ‘start with the engine room and then scale out’. Great advice but which ‘engine room do you start with?

Fortunately, Mike Cohn ** also gives some great advise about selecting the right pilot project which is probably the most critical and challenging task!
In reality not every project is equally suited to be your first and the ‘ideal project’ sits at the confluence of project size, duration, and importance and, for me, the engagement of the Product Owner.

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Agile’s Easy – Transformation Isn’t

This blog discusses the statement: 'Employing Agile transformation experts causes much less disruption to the business, is significantly cheaper and also enables delivery of much higher value IT products faster and more effectively.

Or to put it another way, Agile’s easy – transformation isn’t.

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Agile Transformation Is About Visualisation – See What I Mean?

29-Jul-2013 11:30:00 Agile transformation Consulting

WHY should I implement Agile?

OK, but WHY bother, surely transforming to Agile is a lot of hassle for little benefit?

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