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Introducing Agile to Young People Starting Work

08-Feb-2017 12:05:04 BCS Agile foundations

Why I Believe Agile Should Be Introduced to All Young People Starting Work

Just as a disclaimer, this is my first blog and it will also be a blog about a subject that I am by no means an expert in.  So, this could very well be a very subjective opinion.

About Me  

Since I am trying to get across a message that anyone can be Agile, I feel as though it is important to give you a bit of information about me.

I started working for Radtac as a not-so-fresh-faced apprentice about nine months ago. I was relatively new to the working world, so I kind of expected to be a little bit confused at every twist and turn. The only problem was that everyone at Radtac seemed to speak an entirely different language. I cannot tell you the amount of times someone has been talking, and I was just sitting there nodding, thinking  “I have no clue what this person is saying, at all.”

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Event Spotlight Part 2: SAFe Leadership Retreat & Agile Foundations

26-29 May in Crieff, Scotland.

Radtac attended the first SAFe Leadership Retreat with over 40 leaders from the agile world including members of Scaled Agile Inc.

In 2014 Radtac was invited by the BCS, Chartered Institute for IT, to build and deliver the training for the very popular BCS Foundation Certificatein Agile.

To build on this success – and again at the invitation of the BCS - we authored the companion book to the BCS Course – “Agile Foundation - Principles, practices and frameworks”.

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News Roundup From The Radtac And BCS Book Launch, 3rd March 2015

17-Mar-2015 16:30:00 BCS Press/media Agile books News Agile

Did you miss the launch of our new book, Agile Foundations - Principles, practices and frameworks, on 3rd March 2015? It was an Agile success and a lovely evening.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Below are links to the latest news roundup from the event, along with analysis, comments and opinions on the Agile Foundations - Principles, practices and frameworks book from the wider community.

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Radtac’s Book Launch: An Agile Success and a Lovely Evening

13-Mar-2015 16:30:00 BCS News Agile

Last week, on March 3rd, Radtac and the BCS had the great pleasure of hosting a book launch, that was a resounding success with the Agile community and guests. Agile Foundations - Principles, practices and frameworks, is the result of several months’ work, from Radtac CEO Peter Measey and associated contributors.

For Radtac it was great to see that our book has brought together so many of the Agile community as the event room was packed with over 90 attendees.

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Press Release: Radtac and BCS Launch Agile Certifications

12-Sep-2013 16:00:00 BCS Training Agile

Last night Radtac was proud to be a part of the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, launch of new Agile Certifications at both Foundation and Practitioner level. The certification programme has been developed specifically working with the industry to meet the demands of those utilising Agile. Radtac has developed the Foundation course on behalf of the BCS.

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