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Agile Business Transformation Values and Principles (White paper)

When the business environment is complicated, complex or chaotic, evolutionary Agile Business Transformation is more appropriate than large scale revolutionary programmatic business transformation.

This is the second white paper in the Agile Business Transformation series focusing on organisational change. These two white papers are written by Peter Measey, Radtac CEO and Agile business transformation expert. Peter uses his 20+ years of experience to share knowledge and practical examples, coupled with independent research from the industry.

View the 'Why Agile Business Transformation' white paper

While the first white paper in the series deals with the question 'Why Agile business transformation?', the second white paper discusses the values and principles that should characterise an Agile business transformation. Below you can find an extract from the white paper - download the white paper to view the full content.

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A Student’s Take on Agile

28-Aug-2015 13:30:00 Change management Agile

Hi, my name is Jack and I am currently in my first year of a business and management single honours course. As a student I was curious about business practice in the real world, thus I took an opportunity to gain work experience at Radtac, which is an agile company.

I had never heard of agile before so the concept was new to me, I thought it would only be useful in the IT sector but actually its application is far wider than I originally thought. You may think “How wide of a range can it be?” Well, you’d actually be surprised to hear that it was applicable to a student at university. To illustrate to you how it can be applied I shall share a story with you about an experience in my first year at university.

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The DWP Pensions Challenge and How To Overcome It Successfully

Operating a pension scheme can be very complex and involve many people, multiple systems & interfaces to implement complex legislation and scheme design. None of these remain constant for very long and can easily cause an operation to become inefficient and expensive to run.

With the Department of Work and Pensions making changes to the automatic enrolment regulations on 1 April 2015, most companies are going to have to make big changes to the software systems they have already developed. Many smaller companies may not have yet developed a system at all.

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