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Radtac's Agile Predictions Part 2

The second instalment of our 2015 Agile predictions comes from Simon Powers, Agile / Architecture - Transformation Coach. Simon's predictions include the growth of Agile consultancy in 2015, and even greater infiltration of Lean practices.

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Radtac's Agile Predictions - Part 1

17-Dec-2014 16:30:00 DevOps Consulting Lean Agile

2014 has been an amazing year for Agile adoption. The methodology has taken centre stage, not just in the delivery of IT, but as a proven management solution in other sectors, such as marketing.

As pure-play agilists, we advocate the removal of long-term complicated planning into shorter, value-driven iterative steps, validated by earlier customer feedback. So, it was an ironically difficult task for Radtac team members to look ahead into the next 12 months and share their 2015 industry predictions.

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The Minimum Marketable Viable Product Feature Set

27-Nov-2014 14:00:00 Consulting Lean Lean Startup

There are a few TLA’s (three letter acronyms) used in agile projects to define the scope of a product increment.

So what are they, what do they mean, how do we use them?

The following TLA’s are the ones I have seen used recently, there are probably more around.

MVP - Minimum Viable Product

MMP - Minimum Marketable Product

MMF - Minimum Marketable Feature

MMR - Minimum Marketable Release

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Sizing, Estimation and Forecasting

This is Radtac’s first Guest Blog and we are delighted that it is from the NHS Choices team and specifically Joe McGrath.

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Social Project Management (Agile in Disguise)

09-Jul-2014 14:00:00 Project management Consulting Agile

I just couldn't ignore a recent article in the summer edition of IT Now entitled ‘How many Project Managers does it take to send a Tweet?’

The quotes below are taken directly from the article.

"Project Management has to change".

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Using Lean, Kanban and TameFlow to Seed Change in a Traditional Organisation

28-Apr-2014 15:30:00 Agile culture Consulting

Using Lean, Kanban and TameFlow to Seed Change in a Traditional Organisation presented at London Lean Kanban Day in London April 2014

Here we have an excellent presentation from Dragan Jojic, Alex Gray and Steve Tendon where they talked through the interventions used at William Hill Online. Using a balance of Lean, Kanban and TameFlow to Seed Change in a Traditional Organisation and to maintain that chance using a Pragmatic Agile approach that "One size doesn't fit all".

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SAFe Program Checklist

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a template for scaling Agile principles and tools to large organisations.

Radtac was involved in one of the early scaled enterprises at Nokia Symbian covering 1500 technical staff across 150 teams in 3 continents. 

We continue to implement Agile at scale in many organisations and through our work with clients we have developed a resource that we have found useful.

The Program Level is the heart of SAFe, and, whilst many organisations will be familiar with implementing Agile at a Team Level, the same cannot be said at the Program Level, even though it is built of exactly the same elements of the Team Level, just scaled up.

To help we have created a Program Level Checklist – thanks to Chris Berridge.

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Cross Functional Teams – really?

Having spent 16 years in Retail Banking in the late 90’s, I made the entirely (il)logical jump into IT; just about the time that the panic started to set in for the millennium cutover when all IT systems were expected to black-hole. I even remember that Virgin decided to stop all flights that bridged the hours from 1999 to 2000!

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The infamous ‘selfie’ that Ellen DeGeneres took at the Oscars has, at the time of writing, been re-tweeted over 3 million times.

So, always up for a challenge, I thought I would take my own ‘shelfie’ and see if I can get it to go viral! What do you think?

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The Economics of Agile Payback

30-Jan-2014 12:30:00 Agile transformation Consulting Agile

If Agile is not about making things cheaper for cost sake, although cost improvements as measured by economic value delivered to the P+L and asset secured to the balance sheet certainly are, how do we measure the payoff?

Economic Payoff

The decision we need to make in Agile software development is not just about cost. Nor is it just about Value, or maybe not even Return On Investment. Whilst all of these will have an influence, focusing on just the cost does not allow good economic decisions to be made.

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