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How to Deal With "I Want it Earlier"

23-Jul-2014 16:30:00 Culture Speed to market

Do you recognise this dialog?

Senior Executive (SE): “In this plan you’re showing me, you say it will be ready by December?”

Project Manager (PM): “Well that’s the best estimate we have now based on what we know.”

SE: “I want it by end of June.”

PM: “Er, OK. Er but the team don’t believe it can be done.”

SE: “Take your black hat off. It’s your job to make it happen.”

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Why always me? [Responding to Change]

01-Jul-2014 14:30:00 Culture Agile

The reason why you just can’t follow an upfront plan is because things change.

I embarked on a routine flight from Gatwick to Gibraltar, a journey I have done a number of times over the last 18 months. A lot of empirical data to suggest, with certainty, that I will be in Gibraltar before lunchtime, actually scheduled arrival of 11.35am to be even more precise.

Now while I expect for the odd diversion to Malaga during the winter months, invariably due to cross winds which means that planes can’t land in Gibraltar, today I didn’t count on a 7-hour delay in the height of summer.

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The Change Wave in Enterprise Transformation

02-Apr-2013 14:00:00 Culture

Radtac have been supporting all manner of organisational teams achieve change and transformation for over 20 years. That experience has helped us construct our Radtac IT Transformation Approach (RITA) framework for looking at enterprise wide change where IT is a core driver of the business delivery and / or product development.

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The Transformation Soufflé

I was talking to a few friends some weeks ago about what “transforming IT to transform your business” was all about, as I have traditionally spent most of my time in Biotech / Healthcare / Pharmaceutical businesses. They then asked about change and we talked about Agile, Scrum, Atern, Kanban, Leans oftware and then moved the conversation into what change was really all about, I aligned it to making a Soufflé. One of them said I really understand that now, that would make a great blog… here it is….radtac, the best soufflé cooks in the business .

The challenges of making a Souffle are analogous to making transformation happen.

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