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The Times 'Enterprise Agility' and Agile Transformation

The Times published their 'Enterprise Agilty' supplement with Raconteur on the 13th September

Once again The Times, in association with Raconteur, have run their eye over the world of Agile in their 'Enterprise Agility' supplement read by over 1 million Times readers.

The Times Enterprise Agility supplement download

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Digital Transformation on Sky TV

Radtac worked in partnership with Executive TV and Collaborative Media  (@collabmedia1) for the programme 'Workplace Innovation' broadcast on @SkyUK  'Propeller' channel 189 at 10:30 on Sunday 10th July 2016.

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#InsightThursday: Why Do Systems And Processes Keep Failing On Black Friday?

With Christmas around the corner some of us might have already forgotten about the Black Friday / Cyber Monday shopping madness. Shoppers experiencing frustration though, or retailers watching their IT systems going down in the most crucial moment are probably not amongst those who left Black Friday so easily behind.

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Find Us On G-Cloud 7 In The Digital Marketplace

The new G-Cloud 7 is part of the Government’s effort to make services and suppliers of all sizes more accessible to public sector organisations. The new release ensures that services within the Digital Marketplace, the online catalogue for public sector cloud IT service buyers, are the most up-to-date and innovative cloud solutions available.

We are delighted to announce that, once again, we’ve been accepted for the G-Cloud 7 framework.

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#InsightThursday: Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things

In our #InsightThursday feature, we highlight thought provoking articles from around the Internet. This article takes a closer look at Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things (IoT).

About Digital Transformation with Schindler

Schindler Group’s CIO Michael Nilles is making use of digital tools to push the brand forward. The second largest maker of elevators after Otis Elevator, Schindler ‘has been undergoing a digital transformation for several years’. The company’s leaders recognised that in order to thrive, Schindler needs to not only look at improving mechanics, but also making equipment and employees smarter - read on to see how.

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The Times: Big Businesses Have to Watch Out for Tech-Savvy Newbies

Not long ago the Financial Times has published a special report about how and why big businesses start to warm up to Agile. The same topic has been picked up by Carly Chynoweth in The Times’ article: ‘Wake up call to big business as tech-savvy newbies set the pace’, featuring academic and industry insights from Cass Business School and two Radtac clients - Hiscox and William Hill.

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#InsightThursday: Why Adopt Agile? [Infographic]

We've shown you in previous #InsightThursday features that we're not the only ones talking about agile. In fact, we like to encourage discussion in order to find new ways to leverage agile for your organisation.

Today we'd like to share an infographic with you as part of our #InsightThursday series. Agile is not a new topic for sure, but it is adopted at a faster pace lately - not without a good reason. Organisations which adopt agile indicate towards clear benefits such as faster project delivery, better product quality, lower costs and reduced failure risk.

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The Times They Are a Changing

When the starts recommending agile approaches you know it’s time to sit up and take notice.

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Responding to Change INSTEAD of Following a Plan

14-Nov-2013 18:00:00 Digital transformation

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