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Agile Awards 2015: Great Times and Celebrating Bristol City Council’s Win

The Agile Awards 2015 gala dinner was the perfect environment for networking, celebrating Agile success and having a good time. Especially when one of your clients won an Agile Award. Radtac colleagues share their thoughts with you in this blog article: what it’s been like to participate in the ceremony, and how Bristol City Council’s win of ‘Best Use of Agile in the Public Sector’ got everyone excited.

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The Lean Agile Scotland Conference 2015

02-Nov-2015 13:00:00 Lean Lean Agile Scotland Agile Events

What happens when you are a visual illustrator and you get invited to illustrate the Lean Agile Scotland conference? Well, it’s simple. You clutch your pens and travel north of the border (for the second time) to this prestigious conference to capture key messages from the talks in pictures. This year’s conference spanned over 3 days, with 67 speakers and four tracks of workshops/ presentations, so it was no surprise that the canvas was over 30 feet long.

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Agile Business Conference 2015: Sustaining Agile in the Organisation

22-Sep-2015 12:00:00 Events

Grab your agendas, autumn is packed with great events. Last week we invited you to come meet us at Project Challenge, where Pete and Darren will be presenting “Is Agile killing Project Management?” We would like to extend the invitation to the Agile Business Conference on October 6 to see Dragan Jojic hosting a roundtable session around Organisational Culture and its impact on business transformation.

Is your culture killing your Agile transformation? – Dragan Jojic

Listen to Dragan present how culture influences an Agile transformation on October 6th at 11:25 am. If you can’t make it before lunch, don’t worry - the session will be repeated at 3:45 pm. (So you can still make it to both events: Project Challenge and ABC.)

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Come Meet Us At Project Challenge Expo 2015

“The UK’s leading independent show for projects, programmes, process & resource” Project Challenge October 6-7, Olympia, London


Why Project Challenge?

Project Challenge is a free event attracting Project Leaders, Programme Directors, Engineering Managers, Business Change Leaders and those involved in project and programme management.

Radtac has been involved with Project Challenge for several years as it attracts a large audience with a great range of exhibitors and great speakers. The upcoming edition of the event will feature 40 educational and informative sessions around managing and delivering successful projects.

This year we are headlining the Masterclass session with a presentation by Peter Measey, our CEO, and Darren Wilmshurst, Head of Consulting at Radtac.

Make sure you come along to find out more!

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A SAFe Holiday: Scaling Agile Can Be Fun Too

In May, Radtac attended the first SAFe Leadership Retreat in Crieff, Scotland. In previous blog posts, we shared with you some insights from the SAFe Leadership Retreat about Scaling Agile and SAFe’s education pathways, telling you how much we learnt from this get-together.

Now it’s time for you to read that SAFe can be fun too. In this blog, I will share with you a bit more on the balance of work and the social side of the event.

First things first. When we booked our places to go on the SAFe leadership retreat, the first thing our partners and colleagues picked up was the location. The iconic Crieff Hydro Hotel.

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