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#InsightThursday: Why Do Systems And Processes Keep Failing On Black Friday?

With Christmas around the corner some of us might have already forgotten about the Black Friday / Cyber Monday shopping madness. Shoppers experiencing frustration though, or retailers watching their IT systems going down in the most crucial moment are probably not amongst those who left Black Friday so easily behind.

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The 7Cs and Agile for Infants

Having recently relocated with our young family back to the UK from Catalonia-is-not-Spain was a real challenge. Also, changing sector from international online traveling tourism to an Agile specialist provider was a steep learning curve. In this post I’ll share with you an unexpected find of mine. Hint: it involves Agile and primary school kids.

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Fail Fast In Business. Learn Even Faster.

14-Oct-2015 13:00:00 Failure Agile

How comfortable are you with failure?

Yesterday I was reading this article on Medium, where the author, a successful entrepreneur, talks about failure. About ‘failing at failing’ to be more precise. While reiterating facts that we already know - failure is inevitable, dealing with employees who’ve failed can be hard, admitting failure is not something many of us easily do - he put out an interesting personal conclusion that can make a big difference in thinking:

Failing does not make you a failure.


Failing means admitting and accepting you’ve made a mistake, learning what’s to be learned, and moving on once you’ve done that. The key lies in recognising failure is a normal part of the business routine.

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‘Learn fast, learn often’ or ‘Fail fast, fail often’

04-Nov-2014 10:00:00 Failure Training

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more. Sound familiar?

In my role as an Agile coach and mentor I often find myself in the position where I am asked to support recruitment and help out with interviewing potential new people with the right skills and mind-set to support an Agile organisation.

I was speaking about this with some friends of mine that – thanks to a recent round of funding – are now on the hunt to grow their head count and recruit talent. We were sat in the Electric Diner in Notting Hill and after the third cappuccino conversation was becoming animated:

“What is the one skill or attribute we want to select for in our recruitment, Kev?”

“Easy, they have to be a fast learner.”

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