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Radtac: Most Innovative Business Transformation Consultancy UK 2019

We are massively proud to announce that Radtac has received the award of the Most Innovative Business Transformation Consultancy UK 2019!

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Agile Awards 2016: Agile Consultancy of the Year (Enterprise)

As 2016 is almost over, we want to take a moment and look back at the Agile Awards 2016, where, with great honour, we have received the ‘Agile Consultancy of the Year (Enterprise)’ award.

The Agile Awards ceremony is a ‘celebration of global Agile talent and achievement’,  recognising the merits of individuals, teams, and organisations who have had outstanding results with Agile. We’ve been extremely honoured to receive the award, and would like to thank Barclays for giving us the opportunity to work together on their Agile transformation. Thanks to a great collaboration, we are now both in a place where our achievements together have stood out among a notable competition.

We’d like to congratulate all winners and participants of the 2016 Agile Awards: thank you for all your contribution to the Agile community, and for helping keep up great professional standards!

This year’s awards ceremony marks the third consecutive time Radtac has been awarded in the last three years, directly or in collaboration with our clients, which makes us turn around to you and thank you. Thank you for choosing us and thank you for achieving excellent results together.

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#InsightThursday: Innovation And Technology, Key To Business Success

Technology innovation is one of most encountered challenges for organisations. Interdependent of speed to market, competitive advantage, increase of customer satisfaction, cost reduction and improvement of processes, technology innovation represents the key to unlocking business success.

This article roundup focuses on the latest technology innovations employed by organisations such as financial institutions, tech suppliers, clothing retailers and more.

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Banking and Finance: How Does Innovation Get Delivered in Your Bank?

03-Jun-2015 11:30:00 Banking Finance Innovation Consulting

As Radtac has many banking clients, this blog post has been written from the perspective that we are part of the retail banking community.

“I’m not so sure that I want my bank to be ‘innovative’ with my money.” Isn’t it this kind of attitude that got us into mixed investment banks and retail banks in the first place? The challenge of casino banking using deposits from customers who just didn’t realise what was going on. So thanks, but no thanks.

Well I’m not talking about that type of innovation – because that isn’t innovation, it’s gaming and betting. I am talking about innovation that delivers valued services to the customer. The omni-channel “know your customer” banking that we are already taking part in on our smartphones and tablets.

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Unusual Companies: Retail Banks, Innovation and Technology

Retail banking in many ways has been at the forefront of innovation with hole in the wall cash machines, telephone, then internet, then mobile banking, secure payments, we could go on. However they are also running the new appearance on some very old and not fit for purpose IT systems. How have they survived FTSE / S&P churn and will they survive going into the future?

If we look at the FTSE 100 companies we are left to ponder an interesting fact: only 24% of them survive since the FTSE was founded in 1984. This general deterioration in length of survival as a FTSE firm is also consistent with the findings for the S&P indexfrom the same year.

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Doing, Stop Doing, Doing Something New: Understanding Customer Behaviour in Omni-Channel Environments

22-Apr-2015 15:30:00 Business insider Banking Finance Big data

Retail Banking and Finance: Audit for Your Response to Customer Demands

Knowing who your customers are and what they want is the Holy Grail of many marketers and business stakeholders. Often at times we might think we know, but we couldn’t be more wrong. And if this wasn’t enough of a challenge in a traditional environment, we now face the pressure of needing extensive customer profiles in an omni-channel environment.

Subject to this challenge are many industry sectors, with the banking and finance world being one of them. Reports like the EY Report, Winning Through Customer Experience, and the Accenture report, The Digital Disruption in Banking, show what types of issues financial institution and banks face, issues that could be fatal to them if not addressed.

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