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Is Leading SAFe® required before taking an Implementing SAFe® class?

A question that the training team and I are often asked is "do I need to have completed a Leading SAFe® class before taking an Implementing SAFe® class". It's so frequently asked in fact that we thought it was a worthy topic for discussion and have put together a short article to answer this burning question!

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#InsightThursday: Innovation And Technology, Key To Business Success

Technology innovation is one of most encountered challenges for organisations. Interdependent of speed to market, competitive advantage, increase of customer satisfaction, cost reduction and improvement of processes, technology innovation represents the key to unlocking business success.

This article roundup focuses on the latest technology innovations employed by organisations such as financial institutions, tech suppliers, clothing retailers and more.

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#InsightThursday: The State of Business Transformation in 2015. Challenges for 2016.

January is the month where people and businesses look back and do an assessment of the year that has just passed. It’s also a good time to set goals and paths to follow in the year ahead. This Insight Thursday post focuses on conclusions drawn from 2015 and challenges for the year ahead around Agile and Business Transformation.

Agile was the norm in 2015

Christina Mulligan from SD Times concludes how Agile keeps picking up with many organisations, following on its ascending adoption trend. 2015 is said to have been “the year they [software development companies] all finally started to understand and see the benefits”.

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#InsightThursday: Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things

In our #InsightThursday feature, we highlight thought provoking articles from around the Internet. This article takes a closer look at Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things (IoT).

About Digital Transformation with Schindler

Schindler Group’s CIO Michael Nilles is making use of digital tools to push the brand forward. The second largest maker of elevators after Otis Elevator, Schindler ‘has been undergoing a digital transformation for several years’. The company’s leaders recognised that in order to thrive, Schindler needs to not only look at improving mechanics, but also making equipment and employees smarter - read on to see how.

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#InsightThursday: 29 Agile Blogs for Your Reading List

We’ve compiled a list of 29 blogs around Agile, that you can check out and ultimately add to your reading list, so that you can keep up with news and insights from others.

Reading list tip: Use a tool like Feedly to add the sites/blogs you would like to follow. Feedly then lets you see all the posts/articles feeds in one place - your Feedly dashboard.

Back to the list: have a look at the blogs and sites below and see which ones grab your attention. Please note: the order is not necessary relevant to the blogs’ importance or ranks.

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#InsightThursday: Why Adopt Agile? [Infographic]

We've shown you in previous #InsightThursday features that we're not the only ones talking about agile. In fact, we like to encourage discussion in order to find new ways to leverage agile for your organisation.

Today we'd like to share an infographic with you as part of our #InsightThursday series. Agile is not a new topic for sure, but it is adopted at a faster pace lately - not without a good reason. Organisations which adopt agile indicate towards clear benefits such as faster project delivery, better product quality, lower costs and reduced failure risk.

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#Insight Thursday: Scrum, Agile Marketing and Business Transformation

How did project management turn into a Scrum? How do you maximise the art of work not done? What about agile marketing? How does the right platform affect your digital transformation and what is the link between this transformation and your organisation's culture? If you want to find the answers, read on for this week's #InsightThursday feature. If you missed the last one, read it here.

How project management turned into a Scrum

Heavy documenting processes, long delivery time, cost overrun, questionable customer satisfaction are just some of the reasons for shifting to an agile way of working like Scrum, as reported by Lisa Pollack from the Financial Times.*

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#InsightThursday: An Agile Manifesto Update & the Benefits of Agile

30-Jul-2015 17:30:00 #InsightThursday Agile manifesto Agile

Is Agile still relevant?

No, we have passed this by now and we need to go back to heavy-weight, cumbersome, end-weighted delivery before we get any benefit, especially in these uncertain digital times when nobody knows what they want...

We are joking, of course, as the readers of the below article agree in their comments. Moreover, you’ll benefit from applying Agile to the whole organisation rather than just your software development teams, Agile allows small failures to lead to success and can help you overcome fear.

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