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Seven lessons from science to create a high performing team

On a sunny Edinburgh day Alan Furlong was a guest speak at the Agile Scotland spring event. Alan is a former senior HR professional, two times successful entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for the people aspects of digital transformation.  At Radtac he uses his wealth of experience and authentic people skills to accelerate our transformations.

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Come Meet Us At Project Challenge Expo 2015

“The UK’s leading independent show for projects, programmes, process & resource” Project Challenge October 6-7, Olympia, London


Why Project Challenge?

Project Challenge is a free event attracting Project Leaders, Programme Directors, Engineering Managers, Business Change Leaders and those involved in project and programme management.

Radtac has been involved with Project Challenge for several years as it attracts a large audience with a great range of exhibitors and great speakers. The upcoming edition of the event will feature 40 educational and informative sessions around managing and delivering successful projects.

This year we are headlining the Masterclass session with a presentation by Peter Measey, our CEO, and Darren Wilmshurst, Head of Consulting at Radtac.

Make sure you come along to find out more!

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Event Spotlight Part 1: Inaugural SAFe Leadership Retreat

The first SAFe Leadership was held between 26-29 May in Crieff, Scotland.

SAFe Leadership had the stated aims of:

  • Share ideas and experiences from a broad range of SAFe practitioners
  • Provide input into the direction of SAFe
  • Build our community.

Over 40 thought leaders from around the globe, including America, Brazil, Australia, Israel and Europe descended on Crieff in Scotland for the inaugural SAFe Leadership retreat to discuss latest thinking, the imminent release of SAFe 4.0 and the new ideas in the Cost of Delay.

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#InsightThursday - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

11-Jun-2015 15:00:00 Leadership Motivate people

What's The Culture In Your Organisation?

Strong leadership is key to building any organisation’s culture. However, central to keeping the momentum of maintaining and improving this culture are its people. While a leader may believe their culture is one to be proud of, if the people don’t believe it will they really embrace it? Many organisations fall into this trap and the negative morale that follows often results in failure of a project, high staff turnover, lack of engagement, lack of excitement and increased complaints.

As you’ve probably guessed, today’s #InsightThursday feature will focus on company culture. How do you build one? How do you ensure it’s a culture that everyone can be proud of? Can you do this while also keeping employees engaged? What are the negative tell-tale signs you should look out for?

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Agile’s Easy – Transformation Isn’t

This blog discusses the statement: 'Employing Agile transformation experts causes much less disruption to the business, is significantly cheaper and also enables delivery of much higher value IT products faster and more effectively.

Or to put it another way, Agile’s easy – transformation isn’t.

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