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Motivating Teams for the New Year: A Snapshot of the Meetup Talks

17-Jan-2017 17:48:06 Agile teams Meetup Events staff motivation


A New Year arises, we’re back to work, and have deliberated a dry January - but it’s not all doom and gloom. The cold weather and train strikes could not prevent a mass of like-minded people from attending our first ‘Stand Up and Talk Agile’ Open mic meetup of 2017.

Carrying on with the success from previous meetups, we kick-started the session with one open mic slot, and were dazzled in exchange with a generous selection of four thought-provoking talks. Loosely focused around motivating teams, each talk brought new insights that naturally fuelled further discussions and learning.

Nevil Wharton, our very welcoming host for the evening at the Hiscox venue, was first to take to the stage. He discussed the positive impacts that adopting Agile ways of working has had on his team, and the ripple effect this has had on the organisation. He shared the three key ingredients which led to a truly motivated team.

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What We Learned During Our First Agile Open Mic Night

26-Sep-2016 15:35:22 Meetup Agile Events Community

On September 21st, I had the honour to be the host of our first Agile open mic night, held in partnership with HPE.

At Radtac, we think that by being part of a community, we can all share ideas, challenges, and learn from each other. We’re focused on doing whatever we can to support the community and bring our contribution to it. 

That is why it makes perfect sense to us to host an open mic-style Agile Meetup, where people would be encouraged to share ideas within a safe environment of friends and peers, whilst being enabled to grow and shine.

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Mastering Artistry Workshop: Join the Meetup on December 8!

01-Dec-2015 16:00:00 Meetup Visualisation

What if you could visualise your ideas, make it easier for others to relate to what you have in mind, and make team collaboration more effective? Join us for an engaging Mastering Artistry Workshop meetup and find out how you can achieve all this.

Join us for an exciting evening on December 8 with our very talented Stuart Young, visualisation artist and live illustrator. Stuart will be hosting a hands-on Mastering Artistry Workshop, where the only thing you need to bring along is a desire to draw.

Leave your inhibitions behind you and remember anyone can draw! Enriching an ideation session, workshop or presentation with engaging visuals doesn’t have to be an exclusive art. Build your confidence by undertaking an intensive and enjoyable visualisation workshop.

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