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Find Us On G-Cloud 7 In The Digital Marketplace

The new G-Cloud 7 is part of the Government’s effort to make services and suppliers of all sizes more accessible to public sector organisations. The new release ensures that services within the Digital Marketplace, the online catalogue for public sector cloud IT service buyers, are the most up-to-date and innovative cloud solutions available.

We are delighted to announce that, once again, we’ve been accepted for the G-Cloud 7 framework.

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Agile Awards 2015: Great Times and Celebrating Bristol City Council’s Win

The Agile Awards 2015 gala dinner was the perfect environment for networking, celebrating Agile success and having a good time. Especially when one of your clients won an Agile Award. Radtac colleagues share their thoughts with you in this blog article: what it’s been like to participate in the ceremony, and how Bristol City Council’s win of ‘Best Use of Agile in the Public Sector’ got everyone excited.

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#InsightThursday: Agile Events Roundup

22-Oct-2015 12:00:00 Scrum Banking Public Sector Lean

We’re in the middle of the Agile events season. Whether past or future, there are plenty of insightful get-togethers for the Agile community. We’ve put some of them together into a list to share them with you. It would be great to get your view on events you’ve attended and ones you plan to visit in the near future. Add your preferred events in the comments box at the bottom of the article.

Upcoming events

Agile Tour London (October 23, 2015)

Happening almost as we ‘speak’, the Agile Tour London will feature 6 workshops and 15 talks given by 26 speakers. Sessions like “Leadership in Scaling Agile and Organisational Change” by Simon Powers, “Spicing up Agile retrospectives” by Ben Linders, or “How to train your HIPPO (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion)” by Ozlem Yuce make a good promise for a content-rich event.

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