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#InsightThursday: Implementing And Making Agile Work

Agile is easy, transformation isn’t, as our CEO, Peter Measey would say. Understanding Agile - although this can be really challenging sometimes - is one thing, but actually implementing it and tweaking it to make it work for your organisation is another thing. See below a collection of articles around working with Agile and making Agile work (no pun intended… ).

‘Be Agile in being Agile’ - The Guardian makes Agile work

The Guardian shares in this article how they implement Agile, or at least how they do it for the Platforms team, as the different teams may flex the way they work with Agile. For The Guardian, Agile feels like the right solution for handling their 977 million page impressions per month.

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Agile Foundations: How To Use Burn-Down And Burn-Up Charts

This post is the first one in a 'How To' series of posts by Peter Measey. The posts in this series will explain different concepts, terms and practices within Agile, as well as how to run these practices.

Agile teams need the capability to monitor and track progress, and also the ability to be open and transparent about that progress. Many Agile teams use ‘Burn-Up’ and ‘Burn-Down’ charts to achieve this, especially within Scrum. This blog provides some practical advice on how to use these charts effectively, and what they can provide for your team.

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Are You Doing Water-Scrum-fall?

This is a blog post by Andy Hiles, adapted from his article originally published on InfoQ.

Water-Scrum-fall is a hybrid software development approach that aims to successfully combine Waterfall and Scrum approaches into a hybrid Agile way of working. This blog post takes a closer look at how Water-Scrum-fall originated, what benefits and disadvantages it brings to an organisation, and why ‘doing’ and ‘being’ Agile are two completely separate things.

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#InsightThursday: Agile Events Roundup

22-Oct-2015 12:00:00 Scrum Banking Public Sector Lean

We’re in the middle of the Agile events season. Whether past or future, there are plenty of insightful get-togethers for the Agile community. We’ve put some of them together into a list to share them with you. It would be great to get your view on events you’ve attended and ones you plan to visit in the near future. Add your preferred events in the comments box at the bottom of the article.

Upcoming events

Agile Tour London (October 23, 2015)

Happening almost as we ‘speak’, the Agile Tour London will feature 6 workshops and 15 talks given by 26 speakers. Sessions like “Leadership in Scaling Agile and Organisational Change” by Simon Powers, “Spicing up Agile retrospectives” by Ben Linders, or “How to train your HIPPO (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion)” by Ozlem Yuce make a good promise for a content-rich event.

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What Can The Rugby World Cup Teach Us About Scrum and Agile?

01-Oct-2015 14:00:00 Scrum Training Agile

With the Rugby World Cup well underway, it occurred to me that there might be some lessons to be learnt for business transformation and moving toward modern Agile Practices.

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#InsightThursday: 29 Agile Blogs for Your Reading List

We’ve compiled a list of 29 blogs around Agile, that you can check out and ultimately add to your reading list, so that you can keep up with news and insights from others.

Reading list tip: Use a tool like Feedly to add the sites/blogs you would like to follow. Feedly then lets you see all the posts/articles feeds in one place - your Feedly dashboard.

Back to the list: have a look at the blogs and sites below and see which ones grab your attention. Please note: the order is not necessary relevant to the blogs’ importance or ranks.

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#Insight Thursday: Scrum, Agile Marketing and Business Transformation

How did project management turn into a Scrum? How do you maximise the art of work not done? What about agile marketing? How does the right platform affect your digital transformation and what is the link between this transformation and your organisation's culture? If you want to find the answers, read on for this week's #InsightThursday feature. If you missed the last one, read it here.

How project management turned into a Scrum

Heavy documenting processes, long delivery time, cost overrun, questionable customer satisfaction are just some of the reasons for shifting to an agile way of working like Scrum, as reported by Lisa Pollack from the Financial Times.*

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Question Yourself: Is PRINCE2 Really Mutually Exclusive To Agile?

And yes, that is a question! In fact, here is another question:

“Where in the PRINCE2 manual does it stipulate a traditional (waterfall) way to deliver projects?”

So is PRINCE2 that alien to an Agile approach?

Well, let’s have a look at the seven core principles of PRINCE2

  • Continued business justification,
  • Learn from experience,
  • Defined roles and responsibilities,
  • Manage by stages,
  • Manage by exception,
  • Focus on products,
  • Tailor to suit the project environment.
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Radtac's Agile Predictions, Part 5 [Video]

06-Feb-2015 15:00:00 Scrum Consulting SAFe

Peter Measey, CEO of Radtac and editor of BCS book, Agile Foundations, reviews three areas which he predicts will see significant growth this year in the agile arena.

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Radtac's Agile Predictions Part 2

The second instalment of our 2015 Agile predictions comes from Simon Powers, Agile / Architecture - Transformation Coach. Simon's predictions include the growth of Agile consultancy in 2015, and even greater infiltration of Lean practices.

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