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Training packages - you can have it all!

05-Dec-2019 10:26:00 Training Agile training
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Our four-part blog series exploring the best training solution for your team/organisation concludes today. You may have already read part to three which covered on-site, scheduled and e-learning training solutions. In each part our team weighed up the pros & cons of each solution and offered guidance on which solution may suit each need. You may wish to download our free decision-making support!

In this final part of the series we’re going to explore how a training package could support an organisation.

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What is a training package?

A training package (or passport) typically combines a blend of course types, delivery formats and other services to provide a custom training option. Using a suite of solutions training can be provided to individuals, teams or a whole organisation. This could be an e-learning introduction, followed-up by a role-based on-site class to embed company culture and values which is later enhanced with attending a scheduled class to add a deeper dive into a specific subject or skill which perhaps is in lower demand or only required for a few identified individuals.

Often organisations share their demand plan with a provider who will design a delivery plan which fits the needs and levels of training required. Identifying when on-site training would be more beneficial than scheduled training, supporting creation of training materials, managing logistics and informing/monitoring spend to budget.


Advantages & Disadvantages

The pros & cons discussed in the previous blogs all apply here but a training package has the added benefit that your demand plan can be scrutinised by an external team who can identify best delivery solutions – if you need to train in bulk, if you have core messages that need to be delivered, if you’d like teams to complete a foundational understanding before they deep dive.

Important reasons that an organisation may decide to use a training package approach:

  • Value for money
  • Simplified delivery
  • Flexibility
  • Blended approach with add-ons
  • Customisable

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At Radtac we deliver our training package in an Agile way with our clients using consultancy, coaching and support with resourcing teams with members that will enable an organisation with adopting, embedding & evolving Agile ways working Agile ways of working beyond the training room.

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Jo Sharp

Jo Sharp

With a determination to succeed and great enthusiasm, Jo’s dynamic approach fits perfectly with her role as Training Manager in our busy Training Team. Jo joined the Team in 2013 when she began her own Agile journey learning, understanding and applying Agile principles and practises developing and adopting the company's Agile mindset. If you're new to Agile or considering undertaking additional training Jo would be happy to share her own experiences and support you in your Agile transformation. Read more