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Why are public courses beneficial to businesses?

14-Nov-2019 11:15:00 Training Agile training
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Welcome to part 2 in our 4 part training blog. In this blog I will be taking you through our public (or scheduled) courses and the benefits of attending a Radtac course.

When I receive enquiries for our public courses, I am always asked “Why are public courses beneficial to businesses”?

I’d like to share with you why it’s a great benefit for your organisation to send employees to Radtac public courses.



I know attending any course can be daunting but there are many benefits to attending a public scheduled courses.


  • Out of Office – Attending a course off-site is a nice break from a familiar working environment. It can also alter your mindset to being more open, relaxed and focused. You are free from any responsibilities of the usual day to day activities. You won’t be able to get distracted or taken out of your training to complete any tasks set by your employer.
  • Being with likeminded people – Remember everyone in the room is there for the same reason as you, for their own learning and development, to help the business they work for thrive in a digital market.
  • Collaborate – In group work being able to share ideas, experiences and problem solve with people from various industries and roles can help bring fresh ideas as they are non-bias, and help vision the bigger picture.
  • Networking – People from other companies and backgrounds, gaining contacts, for collaboration and for additional advice and support from peers. The other advantage is that individuals from other organisations and backgrounds will likely offer different approaches and points of view. Giving you more to consider in the training session and gaining further knowledge. It is always useful to keep up with best practices in the industry and keeping contact with your training peers with help support your knowledge and mindset.
  • A trainer with experienceAll our trainers do not just have teaching experience but they have real-world experience. All trainers have used Agile ways of working in various industries and are able to provide practical examples for problem solving, common issues, case studies and share their experiences in industry. This will help you gain not just the theory but be able to implement and have the skills to problem solve.


  • More costly - If you were to send multiple employees on a public course will cost the business more as you will have to factor course fees, travel, accommodation and employee expenses. With employees being out of the office this will take more time out of their day to day activity.
  • Course content is generalised – Public courses will generalise their content to cater to all delegates because you will have people from different industries and roles where as if you had this training onsite you can have it tailored more around the business and its practices.
  • Risk of postponing / cancellations – Public courses require a minimum number of delegates to attend to ensure the quality of the course as well as covering all costs to run the course. By cancelling or postponing courses can be frustrating to the participants and the business as they have arranged time out of their schedule and possibly booked travel and accommodation which will have to be cancelled.

    Now you know what a public course can do for you and your organisation. Are you ready for us to take you on your Agile journey?

For further information please click on the link below and see what courses we have on our public schedule.

Browse our schedule training portfolio

If you have any questions regarding our courses you can get in touch with our team.See this blog if you would like to know who to choose the right training course. 

If you would like to know more about who we are and our other service watch this short video below.




Daniel Scott

Daniel Scott

Dan is an motivated team player working with Radtac as a Business Development Consultant. Since being at Radtac Dan has developed new skills and adopted the Agile mindset of Radtac. Dan has the enthusiasm to share his gained knowledge and experiences to help businesses thrive in a digital market. Dan is looking forward to the future and see where his Radtac journey will take him. Read more